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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON April 2,2013

The electricity bill is one operating expense that comes with a bitter taste. This is because you know that with a few tweaks to your operations your bill would be lessened; but where do you start? Turning off the lights and monitors at the end of the day will put a dent in your bill, but to see big savings, we recommend virtualizing your servers.

If you have a room or a closet packed full of servers, then virtualizing your old servers will reduce your server electricity consumption drastically. In the case of mid to large-sized companies, server virtualization can reduce server electricity consumption by up to 80%. Stand next to a server when it is powered on and you will be able to tell from the amount of heat it produces how big of a power hog it is–servers are basically space heaters with computer chips.

Server virtualization can dramatically cut your electricity bill because it dramatically cuts back the number of physical servers that you have in use, sometimes as much as 4:1! In the past, you would have a dedicated server for each major application that your office used. As your company grew, you added more servers and now you have a closet full of them. You may even notice the temperature difference between your office and your server room is similar to the difference between a tropical and temperate climate.

With Tektonic’s server virtualization process, we will look at each of your servers and determine which ones are the oldest and the worst culprits at wasting power. We will then determine which servers are underutilized and transfer the applications used in the old servers to the newer ones. By transferring applications to newer more power efficient servers, and taking advantage of cloud services, you will clear up space in your server closet, save on electricity, and not have to wear flip flops when performing server maintenance.

Server virtualization is just one of the ways that you can upgrade your network hardware and slash your power bill. To learn more about server virtualization and other technologies that will help your business go green, give Tektonic a call at (416) 256-9928.

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