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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON December 22,2018

As a nonprofit, you are the beating heart of society. But that does not make you immune from the headaches of doing business. One of those headaches involves IT.

What are some of the IT challenges nonprofits face? Here’s a quick rundown of issues we commonly deal with:

  • Slow systems
  • Frustrated employees
  • Integration issues as new technology are released
  • Security
  • Lack of a long-term strategy
  • Disaster recovery

We know you’re experts at what you do and we’re experts at what we do. Here’s how we add our expertise to yours to make your nonprofit more efficient:

Slow Systems

All servers are monitored and patched regularly to prevent issues that lead to a system slowdown. We are trained to look for anything that can slow you down. Sometimes it’s as simple as a system service being disabled and sometimes the problem is more complicated. By staying on top of your server maintenance, we can prevent some slowdowns and quickly repair others.

Frustrated Employees

Frustrated employees are the human cost of a server that’s not working to capacity. Our motivating factor is the knowledge that your employees count on us to allow them to do their jobs promptly.


New programs and applications are continually introduced into the market. Integrating new technology into your system as it becomes available is one of the best ways to help you grow and stay ahead of the competition.


We know that your server stores private data — data that must be protected from anyone who hopes to steal it. Depending upon the situation, we may protect your system with a firewall or scan it with specialized software that seeks out viruses. Our technical expertise allows us to create a barrier between your organization and anyone on the outside.

Long-Term Strategy

Our goal is to partner with our customers, to become their right hand when it comes to all things IT. Part of that partnership involves helping you come up with a long-term strategy for your operating systems. If you plan to grow over the next few years, we plan for servers that can handle that growth.

Disaster Recovery

Whether it’s due to human error or there is some natural disaster that crashes your system, we possess the tools and procedures needed to recover your vital information and get your system back up and running. It is all about maintaining your nonprofit’s ability to carry on with business as usual.

Bottom Line

Your work is vital, which is why having access to the right nonprofit server support is so important. That’s why we hope to be the server support experts you partner with to help your nonprofit flourish. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions you may have.

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