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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 10,2014

The best part about cloud IT solutions, is that they can be installed for any business no matter what its size. So even if you have a business or just in the beginning stages of your new business venture, you can make use cloud technology to help you reach your major business objectives. This technology is employed by many businesses for various different reasons, the major one being the hosting of your business server.

As a business owner, if you have even as little as 10 employees working for you, you will need a separate server where you can share data with all your employees. They will in turn, store that data on the main server and access it at any time needed. This is undoubtedly a safe way of storing information related to your business. And you can even access these files at any time as they will always be available to you. However, one fact about physical servers is that they take up lots of space.

So as your business grows, the bigger your servers will get and the more space they will occupy. However, maintenance of these servers is certainly not cheap. Since you cannot afford to put up with server downtimes, you will be spending hefty sums on running maintenance checks on them every month. Sometimes in spite of taking precautions, you might still end up with a faulty server. Since servers are physical components, they are vulnerable to environmental damage and other unforeseen circumstances.

Thus, getting a hosted server on the cloud is a smart move to make. This eliminates the need of having physical servers installed in your business location. Your maintenance costs will be reduced since you won’t be spending money on their regular upkeep. Plus, all your files and data will stored in one single place and any of your employees can access this server at any time of the day or night. The other advantage that cloud technology gives you is unlimited virtual space for storing all your data.

What’s more, installation of these servers won’t take time. Just call up a managed IT services provider and request them to setup a hosted server for your business. You need to hire an IT team to setup and manage these servers. The IT services company which you have hired will provide you with all the support you need to deploy and use your new business server. Plus, you won’t have to keep a check on the maintenance of these servers, as the IT technicians you have hired will make sure they stay online.

Therefore, you can concentrate fully on managing your business. Just leave all the technical stuff to the experts and focus on growth related activities. You will even save money on adding additional servers to store your files. Your IT services agency will store them directly in their data centers and keep a record of them for you. This will allow you to retrieve your files whenever the need arises.

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