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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 9,2014

Every business faces security risks at some point or the other. These risks come in both physical and digital form. Allow us to elaborate on this. The physical components of your business are obviously the tools and devices which you purchase for company use like, the computers and monitors on which your employees work, printers, fax machines, and even office stationary like pens, post-its or notepads. The other assets are the expensive business software’s you would have installed on each on each of those computers. Plus, you cannot forget your business network for which you use on daily basis and for which you pay a sizeable monthly fee every month.

All these assets are valuable to you and contribute in some way towards the overall growth and development of your business. Therefore it’s your duty as the business owner to ensure that they are free from theft (in case of the physical components) and hacking (in case of digital assets) attempts. The good news is that your managed IT services provider can provide you with three of the best tools which you can use to protect these precious assets of yours.

1.Surveillance systems:

Security cameras have only one major purpose. And that is to monitor your possessions and keep a watchful eye over your assets. With this system in place, you can also record the activities taking place in your office every day. Thus, if any particular object does go missing, you just have to play back that day’s video recording and spot the culprit. The setup of this entire system is not as costly as you think and using it is simple, with the help of your IT services provider.

2.Firewalls and Web Filtering Software:

You must surely be aware of the various online threats that threaten to destroy all your important business files on your network. Once these threats gain access to your business networks, they can corrupt entire hard drives or even induce whole systems crash. Some threats are hidden on certain websites, which when opened (by you or your employees) will get a chance to infect your business networks. However, these can be easily avoidable by just installing a firewall or web filtering software to block those sites that containing these vicious elements.


This is probably one software which should not be left out when you are installing the other software’s on your computers. Your anti-viruses not only protects your system from viruses but even erases them if detected anywhere on your computers. Some anti-viruses in the market have been designed for residential use, while there are others which were created to protect entire business networks. Contact a managed IT services company for recommendations on which anti-virus will suit your business the best.

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