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The Tektonic security apparatus provides organizations with solutions for many of their mission-critical security concerns.

Protecting the outer layer of your network, your endpoints, can be absolutely critical in an enterprise system. Endpoint protection starts with a strong Endpoint Security and malware detection and prevention engine.

With these challenges, how do you know if your endpoints are secure? Does your site need a local update server? Have you ever seen machines on the network but been unable to verify definitions, or scan status? What if you can’t get your AV vendor’s management system to push out the latest updates or version? Because our Endpoint Security Solution is integrated to our management solutiong platform you can be certain those endpoints are protected because we have the ability to manage the entire system is inside the Tektonic IT Management Framework.

Protection from Malware

Analyze and detect unwanted executable applications or DLL libraries within the system that may be spyware, adware etc. Based upon the security profile, Tektonic Endpoint Security will remove these programs or block access to them.


Spyware is usually defined as a type of malware (software that gathers information from a computer without the user’s knowledge or consent). Some spyware applications may also be deliberately installed and often contain advertisements, window pop-ups or different types of unpleasant software. Ideally, spyware and other malware should be prevented from intruding. Currently, the most common source of infection is websites with potentially dangerous content. Other methods of transmission include e-mail or transmission by worms and viruses. The most important protection is to use an always-on background scanner, such as the cutting edge Tektonic Spyware component. It works like a resident shield and scans applications in the background as they run.

Real-Time Protection

When the Real Time Protection discovers a virus in a file that is accessed, it stops the operation currently being performed and does not allow the virus to activate itself. The Real Time Protection, loaded in the memory of the computer during system startup, also provides vital protection for the system areas of the computer.

Email Scanner

Checks incoming and outgoing mail by using plug-ins designed for the most frequently used e-mail programs. The E-mail Scanner is an additional program for electronic mail monitoring and is designed for applications supporting the POP3/SMTP protocols. Once detected, viruses are cleaned or quarantined. Some e-mail clients may support messages with text certifying that sent and received e-mail has been scanned for viruses. In addition, for an increased level of security when working with electronic mail, the Attachment Filter can be set by defining undesirable or suspect files.

Automated Deployment

All security aspects are managed and monitored from our NOC to give you piece of mind.  Our solution is deployed across your network seemlesly and automatically.  Once in place is monitored by our NOC.

Tektonic offers many different Security products. Once our experienced and trusted technicians assess what kind of capabilities your network and computing infrastructure requires, we can go ahead and implement the Sophos security terminal that best works for your needs. Delivering that peace of mind to our clients is what helps Tektonic stand out for IT support and managed services delivery in the ON area.

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Date: March 2nd, 2017, Author: Jorge Rojas