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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON February 11,2014

Just a quick note to share some experiences we have had.

Over the last few months we have received calls from clients both, home users and corporate users; saying that they got a call from the Windows Technical department.

In the conversation the caller started to ask company information and convincing the user to engage on tech support services. Therefore billing them on the spot.

This is a scam, there is no Windows Technical Department, Microsoft will never contact you directly in this manner.

The first one was an end user, about 3 months ago, they had some kind of virus issue, and within hours they got a call on their home number advising them that their computer was infected and it was spreading a virus through the Internet. This person was not so lucky, confused by the fact she experienced some issues, she agree to the service. Later on the computer was very slow and she brought it to us. We found it was filled with Malware, potentially retrieving the user private information.

The second example was yesterday, a corporate user, although they have no issues at all, they got the call from the Windows Technical Department saying that their computers were infected and sending massive amount of spam.

The conversation was followed by asking information about the company, even the name of it!

Since the user was pretty savvy, she said “Wait let me contact my IT Department” the person at the other end became rude kept insisting, on getting more info, and finally hanged up. Obviously they never provided a company name or a phone number to be contacted. The user had no issues, since they are well protected with all the latest antivirus/antimalware technologies along with a robust firewall.

Do Not Become a Victim.

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