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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 22,2014

Saving the environment will never go out of style. However, when you take a print of any fax or make hard copies of work reports, a lot of precious paper gets utilized. As a business owner, you have to be smart and use your resources more optimally. In reality, majority of your resources goes into the purchase of the stationary used in your office. This stationary might include different items like pens, pencils, staplers, paper clips, ink cartridges for printers, etc. In addition to this, a lot of your money will be spent on constantly purchasing paper or print outs and faxes.

Paper comes from trees and this is a fact known world over. So basically when you reduce the amount of paper you use on a daily basis, you are actually saving a couple of trees. And now, with a managed IT services providing company, you can go green and avoid paper wastage! If you really want to save paper and avoid printing hard copies of reports which you get through fax, you can switch to a digital fax server. By using this service, all the business faxes which you receive on a daily basis will be converted into a digital form and be sent via your email.

Storing faxes in their digital form is also a more systematic and smarter way of storing your files. Hard copies can be easily damaged, thus compelling you to take another copy of it. And to store these files more physical space in your office will get utilized for file storage as you will need to make room for plenty of important papers, reports and documents. Digital servers on the other hand, do not take up any space as your files will be stored online. Your IT services provider will provide you with the software, which will convert your fax documents into a pdf file format, and the same file will be stored on your PC.

This digital server software will also come with a special fax archive mechanism, so that each document you receive each day will be stored systematically for you. So you will not have to hunt through a host of files to find the right one, as they will already be arranged for you in order. With a fax server, the faxes you receive will be sent to your email inbox. So whenever you need a file, you just need to log on to your email address and access it from there. Through a digital fax server, you never have to take another print out of your faxes ever again. Thus, you can avoid wasting tons of paper in printing of documents.

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