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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 26,2013

In the endless quest to save expenses around the office, there are many new products that make promises to save you money; sometimes, the easiest option to save money is to downsize. According to research from Gartner Inc., you can save 25% of your IT costs by simplifying your company’s IT network.

Your business can end up with an overly complicated IT network if it was expanded without a clearly defined IT plan. A complex network can manifest itself in many ways. You can check to see if your network is too big for its own good by asking yourself these questions:

  • Are your network’s cables a mess of tangled wires?
  • Are your network’s devices haphazardly installed?
  • Does every user have a printer?
  • Is every application hosted on its own server unit?
  • Are your file paths a disorganized mess?
  • Do you lack an IT roadmap?

If any of these factors describe your company’s IT infrastructure, then your IT operation is costing you more to run than what it needs to. According to Gartner, the savings promised with a simplified network comes in the form of a 25% surcharge that accompanies an overly complicated network. Having to service more equipment, more feet of cable, and more connections than you have to, means that extra time is being wasted in servicing your system, and more equipment is being bought and maintained than is necessary.

The solution to a complex network that’s draining your budget is to streamline your network with simplicity as the goal. To achieve simplicity, you will want to recruit the help of the professionals to give your network a fresh perspective, and bring in new solutions designed to bring down operating costs. Tektonic can provide your business this fresh perspective with our network mapping and planning service.

Achieving savings by simplifying your network may be as easy as rerouting cables, or it may be a big job like overhauling your servers by consolidating your old server units into newer and more powerful units with server virtualization. Whatever changes we recommend to streamline your operations, we will be sure to show you the value of simplicity by explaining to you what the return on your IT investment could be.

Overall, you will see that having a simplified network will add value to your business. The savings from simplicity will not only come from having less equipment to maintain and keep powered on, but you will also see savings by increasing your employee’s productivity. With a streamlined network, your staff will be more efficient at getting tasks done, which means they will be able to dedicate more time to more revenue-generating projects.

If your network has become a complex maze of inefficiency, then give Tektonic a call at (416) 256-9928 and bring some simplicity to your workplace!

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