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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 7,2014

In olden times, when industries had just started incorporating the use computers to maintain their business records and for other technical uses, there was not much awareness about the need for keeping a handyman on standby in case of any malfunction. However, this soon became an urgent requirement as companies faced problems of production delays and other issues, due to the frequent technical problems caused by these computers and other IT devices.

Additionally, searching for repairmen to come and resolve these issues led to more time delays and losses suffered by the companies were huge. Therefore, these companies finally decided on hiring and training their own personnel to fix these hardware’s whenever they malfunctioned. Now they could get an immediate solution to any problem that arose with their computers. However, the knowledge of these repairmen on most occasions was limited to fixing only the physical hardware components. What they lacked was the intellectual knowledge to deal with the data problems, network errors, outdated software, etc.

Companies soon released that fixing hardware was just a small issue, and the bigger problems lied in sorting out these major technical errors which arose in the programs and software’s used by the computers. What’s more, instances of loss of data also used to occur and retrieval of this lost data proved to be another major challenge. Therefore, companies needed more than just and average repairmen. They turned their search towards finding IT aficionados who would provide them with complete managed IT services which included servicing not just each individual computer, but their entire IT infrastructure network.

With all this demand for managed IT services, soon companies having a team of specialized IT technicians set up their own IT services network and marketed their services to large corporates to handle their IT infrastructure for them. And with the constant growth of technology, only those IT service companies who had enough technical know-how in all aspects, kept rising in demand. Such companies provided complete IT consulting solutions to their clients. So now, if anything went wrong in any technical part of the company, these IT agents would always have a service team ready to go and fix the problem.

Moreover, the managed IT services companies, as part of their value added services, started offering their clients full IT services in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. Using these services, a company will not require to set up their own IT department. Thus, small or mid-sized companies can now avoid the extra expenditure needed for creating their own technical divisions. Many of the best IT companies also go one step ahead and provide a backup for all their clients’ business-related information. With these data backup services, companies will always have a duplicate of their data, so in case any information gets erased by mistake, they will always have another copy of it in the backup software.

Nowadays, with the advances of technology, companies can further reduce the costs on the IT setup. For example, withhardware virtualization start-up companies can reduce their capital costs of purchasing and deploying physical hardware components, by doing their business computing on the cloud instead. Therefore, by using separate IT companies to handle their technical areas, companies can focus completely on their main business functions and not get distracted by IT issues which may arise from time to time.

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