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Get a Ring Central VoIP Cloud Phone System and Experience Maximum Cost Efficiency and Integrative Features

“Why do I need to upgrade my legacy phone system? It works just fine for us.” That may be, but can your legacy PBX system integrate with your wireless mobile phones and give you unlimited global calling plans for pennies on the “old phone system” dollar? Likely not. Which is why we’re offering affordable VoIP cloud phone systems and UCaaS courtesy of RingCentral.

Some of you may be thinking, “Why do I need to upgrade my legacy phone system? It works just fine for us.” That may be, but can your legacy PBX system integrate with your wireless mobile phones and give you unlimited global calling plans for pennies on the “old phone system” dollar? Likely not. Which is why we’re offering affordable VoIP cloud phone systems and UCaaS courtesy of RingCentral, a Gartner Magic Quadrant Unified Communications leader.

About RingCentral and UCaaS

Who or what is RingCentral?

The Belmont, Calif.-based application specialist has successfully expanded its SMB roots into the midmarket, enterprise and global accounts.

RingCentral uses an internally developed multitenant solution branded as RingCentral Office, with a rich Unified Communications (UC) suite that includes the full UCaaS stack, along with workstream collaboration for teams. The UCaaS software has been adapted to run in a microservice public cloud environment.

Gartner said RingCentral invests heavily in mass-market media brandings such as radio, digital signage, and sporting events, and is ranked No. 1 in vision on the Magic Quadrant, and No. 4 in execution.

In fact, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) goes way beyond the limits of traditional VoIP systems – like choosing satellite over ordinary cable TV.

UCaaS and VoIP – The Difference Explained

We took this excerpt from a very good article in PC Mag outlining the difference between VoIP and UCaaS:

“If your company is looking to move beyond telco-based voice communications, then you probably should look into purchasing a business Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution. But, before you choose a VoIP vendor, you’ll want to ask everyone on your short list if they offer a Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) package. Don’t let this term confuse you; it’s actually much simpler than it sounds.

In this article, I’ll explain what you’ll get when you work with a typical VoIP service provider and what you’ll get if your VoIP provider also offers UCaaS. Before I get into the specifics, let me give you a simple breakdown of VoIP and UCaaS. I asked Curtis Peterson, Senior Vice President of Cloud Operations at business phone system provider RingCentral, to help distinguish between the two services.

“VoIP is usually just a voice service provider, inbound and outbound calls,” Peterson explained. “UCaaS is basically looking at all business communications and putting them over IP or Internet Protocol. VoIP is a single mode. UCaaS is multimodal: texting, chatting, video conferencing, screen sharing, video meetings. But it uses VoIP to power the voice part.”

Okay, so now that you have a basic understanding of the difference between VoIP and UCaaS, let’s break down what you’ll get with each type of virtual phone system (VPS) service.

Why Traditional VoIP is Comparatively Outdated

“At its core, VoIP is a digital telephone service that uses the internet for transport and delivery of communications. You can make and receive calls from your internet connection via handsets as you would in most traditional office settings or via softphones (which are software-based applications). By taking advantage of the microphone and speakers on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone, you’re able to conduct calls in the same manner as you would using a typical handset.

VoIP offers many of the same accouterments as your telco service provider. You will be able to receive and listen to voicemail messages, and monitor calls via caller ID. Calls can be forwarded to alternate lines if someone isn’t available to receive a call. Other features VoIP offers include auto-attendants, call holds, call logs, call monitoring, call recording, call transcriptions, dial-in conferencing, and number porting.

Why UCaaS is the State-of-the-Art Choice

“If you opt to go with a VoIP-only provider, then you’ll be missing out on one obvious feature: video. With UCaaS, your service provider will let you also schedule one-on-one video calls as well as one-to-many video conferences. This may not seem like a must-have for smaller companies but, as your team scales and as you hire in different geographies, you’re going to want to be able to conduct “face-to-face” video calls. With video conferencing and VoIP, you’ll be able to do things such as conduct meetings with hundreds of attendants, share your screen with everyone attending, and even share and receive files to everyone on the call or to individual attendants.

UCaaS tools also let you chat and text message with coworkers on your plan. Why would you need this feature? Well, if you’re on a video call with a client and your sales rep is speaking out of turn, then you can send [them] a private chat message to get everyone on the same page. This also lets your team members send chat messages rather than emails to discuss more time-sensitive and more casual interactions.

Some UCaaS providers allow for deep collaboration and group project management. This includes document sharing and simultaneous editing, to-do lists, shared calendars, and even joint file storage.

If you’re one of those strange cats who still enjoys sending and receiving faxes, then some UCaaS solutions let you do so from your computer or mobile device (where the faxes will automatically be stored to your Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive account). This feature also gives you better oversight into who is sending and receiving faxes, what they’re faxing, and it will let you turn off junk faxes.”

TekTonic and RingCentral: Your VoIP Cloud Phone Solution

Those businesses looking for all the savings of VoIP virtual phone systems and all the advanced-technology features they can get should choose a UCaaS cloud phone setup. With it, you get a cloud-based phone system (hosted PBX) with all the integrative features to update and optimize your office phone systems in the cloud.

Let us run you a quick analysis of your current business phone systems, towards being your VoIP cloud phone providers in Toronto.

Get the UCaaS or VoIP Cloud Phone System You Need – Right Now!

Whether you need the mobile phone integration and other advanced features Unified Communications provide, or the traditional VoIP cloud phone system arrangement – TekTonic Managed Services will get you to the business communications level at which you need to be.

Contact us at sales@tek-help.com or (416) 256-9928 for more information on our VoIP cloud phone systems, UCaaS, RingCentral, and our affordable managed IT services plans – and connect with us on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter as well!

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