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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON January 21,2019

There’s no doubt that research organizations have different information technology needs than most companies. Reliable networks, systems, and equipment are vital to nearly every aspect of their operations. Not only do these types of firms require a reliable IT company to help ensure maximum uptime, but they also need a partner to assist in minimizing time waste and ensure all issues are handled in a prompt manner.

How Does Tektonic Help Research Organizations with Managed IT Services?

Tektonic helps research firms in the Toronto area with a variety of different managed IT services.

Examples include:

  • IT Security Services: Keeping data safe and secure is important. Tektonic assists research firms by providing protection against potential cybersecurity threats and training staff in proper protocols.
  • Strategic Planning: As a reputable Canadian IT firm, we help our clients make business-level technology decisions that meet the needs of the company and overall goals.
  • IT Consultancy: Our Tektonic team happily assists research firms by designing and implementing the perfect technology setup to meet the company’s needs.
  • Data Cabling: Moving to a new location or upgrading a system takes knowledge and experience. Tektonic can help with something as simple as setting up a few routers or running highspeed cables throughout the building.
  • Backup and Recovery: Keeping data backed up and protected is essential in the research industry. Tektonic can ensure your information is secure.

Of course, as a Toronto IT provider, we can assist with any technological needs your research firm requires.

What Does Tektonic Do to Help Keep Researchers Safe from Cyber Crime?

Cybersecurity is a real hot topic for research organizations. Our Tektonic team assists our clients from start to finish when it comes to creating a secure network safe from hackers, malware, or worse.

Our list of services includes ensuring electronic files and data are protected against theft and helping back up data against loss. We know that each research firm has a unique set of cybersecurity requirements and tailor our processes to those needs.

How Can Tektonic Help You Streamline Systems for Research Organizations?

One thing many research organizations struggle with is finding the right tech setup for streamlining systems. While utilizing a piece of specialty equipment is usually a piece of cake, finding the right servers or email setup can sometimes feel a little daunting. Tektonic’s list of managed IT services is lengthy, but includes things like software selection, domain setup, business telephone integration, and more.

Ready to learn how Tektonic helps research organizations through our managed IT services? Contact us today to start the discussion.


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