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4 Unexpected Ways Remote IT Support Can Benefit Your Business

If the idea of remote tech support has your business team a bit jumpy, you can share these quick ideas — and bring them on board as your biggest fans.

Ways Remote IT Support Can Benefit Your Business

If the idea of remote tech support has your business team a bit jumpy, you can share these quick ideas — and bring them on board as your biggest fans.  

There is a harsh reality that IT help desk support professionals need to consider: while 48% of people like having their support delivered in person, nearly double that amount prefer email (86%) while 65% of individuals like to receive their support via phone. Providing tech support in-house is rarely a situation where a support professional physically visits the desk of someone who needs help, which essentially means that nearly all tech support is provided remotely — even if “remote” means on a different floor or in a different building. What is even more interesting is that users are mostly agnostic about how their support is delivered, but what really matters is “When”. If needs are being met rapidly and efficiently, it stands to reason that the vast majority of people are willing to accept a slight inconvenience or a shifted communication mode as long as users trust that their problem will be resolved. If you have been on the fence in terms of shifting your IT help desk support to an outsourced or remote model, here are 4 unexpected benefits to share with IT decision-makers.

1. Quick Access to Support on Your Terms

Does your staff want to be able to pick up the phone and connect quickly with a Tier II support professional? Or would they prefer to send an email, secure in the knowledge that it will receive a rapid response that lets the user continue with their day? There are no right and wrong answers when it comes to the help desk support model that works for your business, but it is important to ensure that the preferences of your team and overall needs of the business correctly align with your chosen IT support provider.

2. Cutting-Edge Support Workflows and Software

Ask any IT professional and they will tell you the challenges associated with maintaining software. Patches and upgrades are a time-sink, and often cause problems when systems are deeply interconnected. This is particularly true of software such as help desk workflow software that is widely utilized by staff members, where you will continually be hearing about any flaws (while rarely having the time to research something new and improved!). Leaning on a trusted IT services provider to offer access to their existing workflows and software allows you to train staff on a proven platform with reliable access at levels that are guaranteed in your contract.

3. Balance Expenses with Utilization Metrics

One of the best ways to justify shifting to an outsourced model is to look at your current utilization metrics in terms of help desk support and see how those would translate to an outsourced model. Is your internal help desk receiving 5 calls a day or 50? How many of these calls truly need to be resolved within a 5-minute window, and how many could acceptably be resolved within an hour? Having a firm understanding of your current utilization provides you an excellent starting point for negotiations with your IT managed services provider of choice. It can also help your IT decision makers understand exactly how much usable time is being pulled away from your highly-paid internal IT staff — and how that could be shifted to a more economical outsourced model while improving response times and business user satisfaction.

4. Boost Productivity for ALL Staff Members

You know that long list of deliverables that are hanging over the head of your IT teams? It would be great if they could focus on those initiatives instead of continually hopping back to support requests. This time-consuming process of shifting priorities isn’t something that most IT professionals enjoy and it can even drain their creativity — and their productivity. When you provide an IT help desk support process that allows your internal tech teams to focus on innovation and your business users can trust to resolve their issues quickly, your entire staff is able to move forward with greater efficiency.

These are all benefits of working with a great IT services provider, not a mediocre team that is not able to fully meet the needs of your business. When you are ready to experience the freedom associated with proactive outsourced IT support for Datto and other key IT services and software, contact the experts at Tektonic Managed Services at 416-256-9928. We serve businesses of all sizes in the Greater Toronto Area and can come alongside your business as needed.

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