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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON December 12,2011

Are you the kind of person who takes meticulous notes? Do you carry around a pen and pad with you so you never forget a single line item from meetings, presentations, or your grocery list? Enter Evernote, a free application that gives you an easy-to-use note taking solution that syncs your notes across multiple devices.

Evernote simplifies the note taking process – you don’t need to deal with or manage multiple documents, and you don’t need to worry about what notes are on what computer. Evernote allows you to create multiple notebooks to organize your life, and in these notebooks you store your pages upon pages of notes. It has a tagging system so you can easily sort and organize notes by topics and tags, and the search feature is top notch. You can insert images, links, and recorded audio into notes. Fans of Microsoft OneNote will likely look at Evernote as a light alternative (don’t worry, if you are a fan of OneNote, be sure to stay tuned next week for a great tutorial on OneNote!).

Where Evernote delivers fewer features than Microsoft’s incarnation, it exceeds in simplicity to use and compatibility with many devices. EverNote runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and has a browser version so you can access it on public computers and other operating systems. Evernote’s big appeal to a lot of users is its great mobile support. Evernote is available for many mobile devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Windows Phone 7
  • BlackBerry
  • BlackBerry PlayBook
  • Palm Pre / Palm Pixi

It doesn’t matter what device you use, or how many devices you own. Evernote will take your notes and sync them across multiple platforms so they are always available to you on the road, at your desk, and in your pocket. If your device has an integrated camera, Evernote can use it to attach photos to your notes as well.

Evernote is free, and allots users 60 MB of bandwidth per month for synchronizing notes. That’s a lot if you are only using Evernote for notes and a small handful of images each month. The Premium version ($45 per year) of Evernote gives you 1 GB of uploads per month. Premium also allows sharing capabilities for collaboration, a note history function that lets you see previous revisions to notes, PDF document search, and a few more features. You can download the free version of Evernote at www.evernote.com.

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