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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON May 9,2018

Your members expect that their membership fees will be spent wisely. If you’re using outdated technology, you’re simply wasting money, and your employees are spending more time on projects than you should. You need a Technology Solutions Provider in Toronto who understands what associations need to increase membership and serve their members. Tektonic Managed Services has this expertise. We can provide the cost-effective technology you need to grow your organization.

Todays’ technology is evolving and improving so rapidly that most associations can’t keep up with these changes. Nor are they taking advantage of the benefits that the best technology solutions provide.

When using outdated technology:

  • Your employees can’t keep pace with your members’ needs.
  • The confidential information about your members is at risk.
  • You’ll experience unplanned IT outages that can set you back for weeks.

With the expertise of our team, your staff will work more efficiently and streamline your operations with the right IT solutions. We have years of experience helping associations in the GTA use the right technology, cloud services, and virtualization solutions to meet the needs of their membership. We can do this for you, too.

Cost-Effective Customized Technology

To reach your association objectives requires IT solutions that are customized to meet your unique requirements. When you choose Tektonic as your Technology Solutions Provider, we’ll interview your leadership and appointed staff members to learn about your operations and mission. Then we’ll assess your current IT system to determine if it’s aligned with your goals. If not, we’ll make suggestions to improve it and can procure affordable hardware and software solutions that will provide the best outcomes for you.

Tektonic Managed Services offers years of experience to ensure you use the IT solutions, telecom and other technology investments that provide value. We’ll keep your organization’s mission and vision in mind, and only suggest hardware and software solutions that you need to support your business functions. We will install and customize your new technology and train your staff to use it.

Fixed-Cost Managed IT Services

Our fixed-cost services help you stick to your budget and provide you the peace of mind knowing your technology will always work when you need it. We’ll manage your everything, so you don’t have to. Instead, you can stay focused on your core services. Just as you are committed to serving your members, our experienced IT specialists are committed to ensuring your success.

Our Managed IT Services:

  • Save time.
  • Save money.
  • Provide 24/7 support.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Prevent IT downtime.

Data Protection

Our team will protect your data, your members’ confidential information, and ensure secure access to your files. We’ll safeguard your data, both in transit and in storage. It will be protected from hackers, viruses, spam, and quickly recoverable in the event of a loss or other disaster. Through remote monitoring, we can spot intrusions and hacking attempts and block them before they do any damage.

Virtual CIO Services

Many associations don’t have the budget to hire a full-time technology advisor. The Virtual CIOs at Tektonic are seasoned, professionals who can provide the direction and management your association requires to meet your members’ needs. They can help you anticipate your IT expenses, and budget for future ones, so you can take advantage of value-based technologies that help you meet your mission.

Cloud Computing

Many people worry that cloud computing isn’t secure. If you use the right service, the opposite is true. It provides complete access to your data, along with enhanced security, to give your association the edge it needs in today’s fast-evolving world of IT. You can access your projects and membership information securely, anytime, anywhere from an Internet-capable device.

With programs like Microsoft Office 365, you’ll have a solution that allows for secure, virtual collaboration where your employees can always access the applications they need to do their jobs. They can do so from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops when they’re away at association meetings, or on the road.

Collaboration is enhanced as you can set permissions so specific employees or members can access your documents and files as you require. And, they can even create materials and edit them in real-time rather than constantly emailing information back and forth.

You’ll have complete control of your IT environment, along with virtual desktops, ample storage, and network security resources. Plus, we’ll build your cloud solutions around your unique needs, to save you time, money and provide increased productivity so your association will flourish.


Systems virtualization will improve your association’s efficiencies and capabilities. Your physical servers are partitioned into smaller virtual machines (VMs) to maximize resources. You can virtualize your entire IT infrastructure or specific aspects of it.

Virtualization decreases your need for servers, networking gear, and racks. This results in lowered hardware and maintenance costs and also reduces your power and cooling requirements. Plus, you won’t need to purchase new hardware to run additional applications. Instead, you can simply add a new virtual server.

It eliminates application compatibility issues by consolidating VMs across fewer physical servers. This way, you can fully utilize physical server resources, and provision the VMs with the precisely required amount of memory and storage you need. You can get a server up and running within minutes. You’ll have near instant-on capacity, with much faster server provisioning and deployment.

Downtime is no longer an issue with virtualization. Your data is always available, even if a server shuts down, so business continuity is greatly enhanced. The ability to quickly and easily move a VM from one server to another is perhaps one of the greatest single benefits of system virtualization. Systems virtualization platforms offer advanced features that increase uptime. They offer capabilities and technologies that keep your VMs up and running, and the ability to recover quickly from unplanned outages.

By removing the dependency on a particular server model, you won’t need to keep identical hardware on hand. Instead, you can purchase a less expensive server for disaster recovery since it will rarely get used. And, by consolidating servers down to fewer physical machines, you can more easily create an affordable replication site.

Most systems virtualization platforms include software that automates the backup operation if a disaster strikes. You can also use this software to test a disaster recovery backup rather than hoping that it will work when the time comes.

Where can associations in Toronto go for reliable IT support? I think we answered this question. Tektonic Managed Services is the first choice for associations in the GTA.

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