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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 21,2014


Do you remember the last time you used a computer with a CPU and monitor? If not, then you must be one of the million laptop, android or iOS users, who now handle all their official work on these devices. You will rarely find anyone using an entire computer system in their homes nowadays. People have moved on to notebooks and laptops as they are easier to handle and can be serviced easily from any managed IT services provider. Besides these few reasons, there are many other causes of the drop in purchase and usage of CPU’s and monitors.


Laptops are portable. This feature allows its users to pack and take them along even halfway across the world. Even internet plans are specially designed, such that you can easily connect your laptop to the internet from anywhere. What’s more, when it comes to official work or basic tasks like sending emails or downloading files, smartphones can handle this as well. There are umpteen number of android and other iOS devices available in the market, which can handle work just like a computer.

2.Less electricity consumption:

Both laptops and android devices do not need to be connected constantly to a power source to operate. These devices have an in-built battery pack, which stores up power allowing you to use them for hours without having to connect to power outlet. Thus, it helps you to save up on energy costs as they don’t have to be connected to an energy socket the whole time. This feature comes in handy especially if you need to use your laptop while travelling in a taxi, train or even airplane.

3.Less space requirement:

Traditional computers can take up plenty of space as you need to accommodate the huge CPU unit and monitor as well. So if you own a business, most of the space in your office will be occupied by these CPU’s and monitors. And if you can’t afford hardware virtualization, you will have a congested working environment because of all the machines. However, laptops take up as much space a regular book. Thus, your office will have lots of free open space, thereby allowing a more constructive and lively working environment.

4.Easy storage:

Since laptops are small and compact in size, they can easily be packed up and stored whenever they are not in use. In case you decide go on a vacation, you can give your laptop a break as well. All laptops come with their own carry bag. So when not in use you can simply pop into the bag and store it away in some safe place. It will remain there till the time you return to make use of it again.

These were just some of the many reasons why computers with CPU’s and monitors are not being used much. In addition to the given reasons, CPU’s and monitors require more frequent computer repair and maintenance than their laptop counterparts. In today’s times, even kids and students are encouraged to use their own laptops for their academic work, thus further reducing the need for CPU’s and monitors amongst the next generation of users.

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