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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON March 6,2013

It is likely that you spent a lot of time and energy picking out a server that is right for your business; but have you taken any time to consider how you will store your server? Keeping your important hardware on a server rack is a great way to get the most out of your server.

Server racks are more than pretty display cases, they are actually designed to help your server run smoother, make maintenance easier, and assist you with network security.

Racks Help with Server Performance
The performance advantage that comes with using a server rack is that it ensures maximum airflow. Making sure that a server is cooling properly is one of the biggest factors that will increase your server’s performance. When airflow is blocked from either built up dust from the floor, or because it is pushed up against a wall, then you will notice a decrease in performance and run the risk of the server overheating.

Server racks keep servers off the floor and positions them in such a way that maximum airflow is achieved. You can even take advantage of server racks that come with a built-in cooling system; this may be a more economical than buying and maintaining an air conditioning unit for your server room.

Racks Make Server Maintenance Easy
If your servers are in random spots and cables are sticking out all over the place, then you are in for a headache if you need to do even a routine task like replacing a network device. With a server rack, the server sits on its own shelf and all the cables can easily be bundled. Many server racks even have wheels on the base and shelves that slide out. All of these server rack features help to make any server maintenance job a painless procedure–which will be reflected on your maintenance bill.

Racks Increase Security
You may have great network security in place to protect your company’s data, but have you considered that a thief can easily take advantage of an unattended server to rip off your files? When you purchase a server rack, you can design it to meet your security needs. You can build a rack that has one big lockable door, or even have it divided up so that only certain server units are locked up.

One advantage about server units is that they are very customizable. You can purchase just a basic server rack, which is essentially few rows of metal shelves, or you can take advantage of the dozens of features that come with server racks. Helpful server rack features include: blanking panels to increase airflow, utility drawers, angle brackets that are adjustable, joining kits, reducer rails, fans, seismic bracing, keyboard trays, monitors, cable management capabilities, rollout shelves, and more.

Finding the right server rack, or even the right server, for the needs of your company can require a fair amount or research and design. For assistance with designing a server rack or any other components for your network, give the IT pros at Tektonic a call at (416) 256-9928. We are here to make technology work for you!

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