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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON December 13,2013

When getting work done on the Internet, users are faced with a slew of threats that could hack sensitive company and personal data. Integrating a VPN solution may be your best option in securing your company network and files from online attacks. What is VPN, and why should your company be using it?

Secure the Threat
Like it or not, your company and personal data that is sent online via email, website forms, social media, etc. is extremely vulnerable to attack from the bad guys. Computer hackers work tirelessly to break into networks in order to steal personal and company information for their own gain. By simply accessing private data on an unsecure network connection, you are ultimately putting yourself and your company at risk of having imperative information captured and exploited.

For example, imagine that you take an afternoon to get some work done outside the office at your local coffee shop. Once you get your delicious drink, you sit down with your tablet and connect to the public Wi-Fi network to work on a few reports and make a few online purchases for your company. Little do you know, there’s a hacker in the same shop sifting through everyone’s data transfers, and is able to hijack your company’s credit card information, to make some personal purchases. It’s easy to take data security for granted until a mess like this happens. A VPN solution can help.

Virtual Private Network
VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. A VPN enables computers and mobile devices to send and receive information privately across public networks. A VPN essentially acts as a tunnel between two networks that safeguards the data being transferred within. When using a VPN, your transferred data is filtered through your VPN server and encrypted to make you and your data essentially anonymous on any public network. Your files, Internet cache, passwords, usernames, contacts, and IP addresses will all be inaccessible to hackers trying to steal this information. It’s easy to see why a VPN solution makes for an outstanding security option for your business.

Why Your Company Should Have A VPN Solution
There’s been a shift in data storage trends for companies over the past few years. More businesses are storing company information online with cloud solutions than ever before. However, these companies must be cautious about how that data is uploaded, downloaded, and streamed from their cloud solutions. Without a VPN solution in place, a hacked network could be a terrifying experience for any business. Hackers would be able to very easily access most company data including payment information for their clients, thus creating the need for a whole campaign centered around apologies for making all of your clients vulnerable to a scam. What a mess.

Tektonic can explain the technicalities on how exactly VPN connections work, but for now, let’s focus on how easy it is for you, the end user, to implement. Really, all you need to worry about as a VPN user, is downloading the VPN software from your VPN client on your mobile and stationary technology, creating a username and password, and using your account whenever you connect to the Internet. Tektonic handles all of the set up for you. It’s that easy.

One additional perk of implementing a VPN is giving your users the ability to securely access all of your company software and business applications from any device. Whether you have staff working from home, on the road, or you personally want to be able to get to your apps from anywhere, the VPN will help you achieve this without any hassle.

Tektonic can provide a VPN solution for your company to help secure your data transfers online. Don’t risk using unsafe networks any longer. Give us a call today at (416) 256-9928.

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