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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON February 21,2013

Printers are a necessary evil. Evil, because nothing can bring out the worst in a person quite like a printer error can. Yet necessary, because “ain’t nobody got time” to go paperless. While you can’t vanquish an evil printer with holy water, you can make your printing experience more efficient and less evil with a print server solution.

A print server solution is perfect for any-sized business that is regularly crusading against its printers. Whether your business has a hoard of printers that have been haphazardly added to your company’s network, or if your company is growing and looking to expand from your current printing model where every workstation is armed its own printer, a print server is an effective printing weapon to add to your company’s technology war chest.

Without a dedicated server for your printers, all of the printing network traffic runs through your general file server; and in a typical office, printers can account for over half of all the network activity. Worst case scenario: if too many people hit “Print” at the same time, then your network becomes compromised and mission critical tasks like communications are held hostage.

The solution is to reinforce the printing demands on your network by adding a new server solely dedicated to printing. This is the mission of the print server. It can efficiently handle all printing network traffic which will free up your network for more important (and less evil) office assignments. Plus, a print server costs significantly less then adding another file server or computer to your network. Print servers are also designed specifically for printing, which means that they come with helpful printing features and are easy to configure.

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