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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON October 3,2014


Where do think most of your money goes when purchasing stationary for your office? If you really think about, it’s not the pens, post-its, paper clips, staple pins, etc. that increase the expenditure of your company. In fact, it is that resource which is practically used almost on a daily basis and extensively at that. You guessed it! It’s your printers. Your employees may be using this resource every day to take some copies for work reports for submission to their superiors. Or even if any of your executives were to give a presentation on sales or profit growth of the company, this would definitely require them to take prints of certain points to give to other employees.There may be other instances where your employees would take prints for official work. Therefore, your expenditure on things like printing ink (both black and colored) and the paper used for printing will increase. Don’t you wish there was a way in which you could control the use of this asset or at least reduce the amount print outs taken by your employees regularly? Well, now with can with a little help from your friendly managed IT services company. With their assistance, you will notice an immense change in the expenses you incurred daily for your printers.

Using the various techniques offers by these professional technicians, you will get a lot of benefits in terms of printer management and efficient use of resources. Using the special printer software’s offered by the IT services company, only those employees whom you choose, will be able to access the system and take all printouts required. This also ensures that no one but the authorized personal of the company will be able to take prints. It also curbs the exploitation of this resource by your employees, and prevent them from using the office printer to take copies of their personal documents like resumes or medical reports etc.

With this technology, you will also be able to track the number of times your printers are used in a day and what all documents were printed. In addition to this, you will even know who has taken the print as the employees code will be mentioned along with each copy that is taken. And that’s not all, since you are hiring the IT services company to setup the printer management software, they will even handle the upkeep and maintenance of your printers at a fixed charge. So you don’t need to waste time calling up the printer manufacturing company whenever there is a maintenance issue with your printers. The IT service agency will personally send their technicians to help you bring your printers back online.

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