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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 15,2012

Do your workstations feel like they are functioning a little sluggish? Does it require any longer than it should to duplicate documents over, synchronize your inbox, and open up pages? It may not actually be your device, but your whole business network creating stagnation for your whole workforce.

Lagging computer systems are agitating, but as soon as it starts to prevent you and your entire staff from getting tasks accomplished during the business day, a slow-moving network can cost you a great deal of profit. Take into account just what isn’t getting done by the end of the day because employees need to sit and wait … and wait … while their computer slowly chugs along at simple daily activities.

When you speculate that you could be suffering from a stalled network, there are a great many root causes to point fingers at:

Ill-used network facilities – This is actually quite typical if details weren’t constructed right from the beginning or if you’ve carried out a great deal of developing and expanding without considerable upgrading.

Viruses or Malware – One or more computers on your network may be swamped with malware which is resulting in a lot of network utilization. It’s entirely possible that this malware is being passed around and has already contaminated a number of computers on the network.

Spam – Junk mail doesn’t simply congest your inboxes. For them to deal with all of the junk mail your mail server and network need to work harder. Utilizing a good spam filter or hosting your email in the cloud can help deal with this.

Your Router, Firewall software, Web server, Etc. is Pushing Up Daisies – Occasionally a great deal of sluggishness is merely a tell-tale sign that it is time to change something. It only requires one vulnerable point on your network to impact the entire process. This may mean it’s time to buy a new router or install some more RAM into a server. The most suitable place to begin is a network examination which will inform you precisely where your traffic jam is.

User Activity – Exactly how much bandwidth are your workers using? Is everyone streaming Internet radio? Think about furnishing your office with some background music with satellite or Internet-streamed radio. Are employees abusing bandwidth and downloading movies or applications? Outfit your network with a content filter to block out undesirable Web use while still being able to allow certain users access to the sites they have to go to.

These examples are without a doubt only a few common issues that could cause your devices and network to become slow-moving. Is it time to accelerate your network? Get in touch with Tektonic at (416) 256-9928 and ask about our free network audit. It’s a great place to get started.

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