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5 Reasons Smart Businesses Need Outsourced IT Support in Toronto

Sure, until now you’ve been doing it all on your own – or maybe having an employee that dabbles in computers do the work. But it’s getting to be too much for your GTA business. It’s time to outsource your IT support in Toronto to another company, so you and your employees can leave troubleshooting behind and get back to the tasks that make you money.

Your business technology is important to your company. But who is going to take care of your support, security, monitoring, and maintenance?

Sure, until now you’ve been doing it all on your own – or maybe having an employee that dabbles in computers do the work. But it’s getting to be too much for your GTA business. It’s time to outsource your IT support in Toronto to another company, so you and your employees can leave troubleshooting behind and get back to the tasks that make you money.

After all, you don’t want to hire IT experts and build your own IT department. That just wouldn’t work for you.


  • Because good IT support people in Toronto are hard to find.
  • Because you don’t want the salary burden of an executive-level technology employee.
  • Because you know that if you develop your in-house team you are going to have to pay for benefits, sick leave, vacation time, etc.
  • Because no matter how good your in-house team is, they wouldn’t have time to keep up with emerging technologies or to continually upgrade their skillset.

So, for all these reasons – and more – you’ve been exploring the possibility of outsourcing your Toronto company’s IT support requirements to a firm of IT professionals.

Did you know that the trend of outsourcing IT support in Toronto is growing?

According to a study by Deloitte in 2016, 35% of respondents saw the value of outsourcing.

In the report summary Deloitte states:

“More than one-third (35 percent) of survey respondents say they already measure the value of innovation in their outsourcing relationships. In response to the increasing emphasis on delivering value beyond cost savings, service providers are rapidly evolving into innovation centers with the aim of creating improvement opportunities for their clients.”


“Disruption in the form of cloud-based services is just the start: We are on the verge of an entirely new model of service delivery comprising robotic and cognitive process automation, the “internet of things,” and digital IT management. This intersection of traditional outsourcing and the innovation storm could amplify value for those organizations that can correctly harness it, and this will likely lead to ever-increasing uses of outsourcing, even as it reinvents itself.”

What is Deloitte telling us?

They are telling us that outsourcing – both offshore and domestic – is valuable and here to stay.

Other professional analysts and statisticians studying the global outsourcing of IT support tell us that IT outsourcing will have a compound annual growth rate of ~5.8% until 2019.

A study by ComputerEconomics.com recently pegged the average spend on outsourced IT support at 11.9% of the total IT budget.

So why are smart businesses in Toronto Outsourcing their IT Support to Professionals like Tektonic Managed Services? Here are 5 reasons.

#1 – Make Your Employees Even Happier – Boost Employee Morale

Often when employees first hear the word “outsourcing,” their first instinct is to panic in worry about the security of their employment. After all, to their way of thinking, there is only so much work to go around and if you give that work to another company, then there is less work – and less paycheck – for them.

What employees don’t get – and you have to be the one to make them see it – is that if you allow an IT professional to take care of the IT support in your Toronto business, then they will have the time and energy to grow the business and make even more money.

You see… it’s not about giving away work. It’s about making room to focus on the work that makes your company the most profit. By offloading extraneous tasks to a company equipped to do that work, you allow your employees to do the jobs that they are good at doing.

If already have internal IT people in place, you certainly don’t have to lay them off to outsource IT support functions. It is likely that your internal IT support staff are overworked and overwhelmed with the pace of technology evolution. By outsourcing the tedious, daily tasks you can free your internal IT staff for the bigger pro-growth IT projects they want to tackle.

#2 – Expand Your Flexibility and Lower Your Risk Profile

Outsourcing your IT support needs to IT professionals just makes sense. After all, an outsourced Toronto IT support company is much more likely to have the time to stay on top of technology trends and cutting-edge IT solutions. This depth of knowledge and breadth of experience allows them to drive IT solutions that keep your business safer and give you a new range of mobile functionality and flexibility.

Tektonic Managed Services is the GTA company that will harness the power of IT support outsourcing for your business and help you realize the benefits of moving IT responsibilities to a trusted partner.

Do you know what your risk profile is?

  • How much downtime are you experiencing on a yearly basis?
  • What is that downtime costing you?
  • How secure is your network?
  • Are your employees trained to spot intrusion and social engineering attempts?
  • Do you have redundant systems?
  • Are your backups done on a regular basis and are they verified?

By partnering with an IT consultant that works with businesses like yours every day, you get the advantage of experience. A Tektonic IT consultant can help your business scale up to meet demand or scale down as your business goes through a seasonal shift. But the advantage of flexibility goes much further than adding or removing seasonal workers to your systems. Your employees need an IT professional on their side to help them with daily questions, troubleshooting, and strategic workflow optimization opportunities.

#3 – Leverage Industry-Leading Advice and Cutting-Edge Technology

The value of having someone on your side who is an expert in outsourced IT support here in Toronto cannot be underestimated. It makes a difference if someone is doing this work every day. Why? Because the weekend warrior “IT expert” and the part-timer don’t have the thousands of hours under their belt working on the most current hardware and software offerings available. – It’s just that simple.

If you want to know what is possible for your GTA company, you’re going to have to partner with an IT support company that harnesses the possibilities and potential of emerging IT for their clients every day.

IT consultants – like those of Tektonic Managed Services – will give you the information and insight you need to make the BIG decisions of business growth, strategy, facilities, ecommerce, and more.

#4 – Lower Your IT Budget

We have put this point at #4 for a reason.

While many business leaders see the financial return as the biggest reason, they shouldn’t. Why? Because how a decision impacts your employees, and your business growth should have first place – not a distant second after budgetary concerns.

Having said that. Budget matters.

By outsourcing some or all of the IT support requirements of your Toronto business, you discover that you save money.


Because people who do IT support for a living don’t have to learn on your dime. They come into your company, do the job, and leave. Unlike in-house employees who struggle to keep your IT environment afloat, IT professionals don’t have to spend hours pouring over manuals or learning from YouTube videos.

Added to the learning curve cost savings is the advantage of processes. IT support professionals in Toronto have spent a lot of time and money ensuring that their processes are efficient and that they can have a high level of productivity within their IT support business.

You reap the rewards of their efficient systems!

While your employees are still fumbling around trying to figure out what the password to the system admin panel is, a professional will have the job half done. Systems and procedures build efficiencies that your employees just don’t have.

Finally, IT management companies usually operate on a monthly subscription price strategy. For you that means moving IT expenses from capital expenses to budgetable, operational expenses.

#5 – Benefit From a Heightened Focus on what Makes You Money

Companies around the world spend millions of dollars each year trying to cut out inefficiencies and building better productivity.

In many cases, the expert opinion is to outsource.

By moving the tasks that your team isn’t so good at off their plate, you free them to be laser-focused on what they do best.

After all, we all want to do our best and we are happiest when we are working on tasks and projects that interest us.

Your business will advance if your employees aren’t burdened with things that aren’t really in their wheelhouse.

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