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Are You Getting Your Full Nonprofit Technology Discount?

Keeping your nonprofit organization moving is often a challenge, especially when you are forced to deal with aging technology infrastructure and understaffed IT department. 

Keeping your nonprofit organization moving is often a challenge, especially when you are forced to deal with aging technology infrastructure and understaffed IT departments. 

Nonprofits have a great number of competitors for their share of consumer wallets: everything from the hottest new restaurant to a fun new app can take away funds that might otherwise be donated to support your mission. Reaching individuals and helping them understand the story you are trying to tell receives a large portion of your annual budget. Unfortunately, this means that your IT budget may be dwindling over time instead of increasing. Since nonprofits generally run so lean, it’s vital that each individual is able to contribute to the best of their ability but that can be impossible if you’re struggling with outdated technology and a lack of qualified staff members. There are some great nonprofit software discounts for mainstream, enterprise-scale platforms that can help boost productivity and improve efficiency — providing you with more of the resources that you need to be successful.

The Nonprofit Conundrum: Too Many Systems, Too Few Resources

When technology teams reach out to a local IT services company, they are often already in a bad place in terms of technology. Perhaps their systems are outdated, and the team has no time to perform the necessary patches. Maybe teams are struggling to roll out training to individuals throughout the organization, making your entity a prime target for a phishing or ransomware attack. Other organizations are simply attempting to run their business functions with software that was purchased over a decade previously because there is a perception that they cannot afford newer, cloud-based solutions. Fortunately, many major software brands are focused on providing nonprofits with the tools that they need to be successful.

Your Charitable Status Qualifies You for Discounts

Qualified charities are able to gain significant discounts from software vendors like Microsoft, Adobe, SalesForce and more. Each of these vendors has committed a certain amount of software licenses to be used for good, and the discounts are often in the realm of too-good-to-be-true! This allows your nonprofit to gain access to software solutions that would otherwise be completely out of reach, so you are able to afford the useful systems that you need to be successful. Nonprofits often have unique software needs, such as fundraising software that might require additional implementation services.

Major Pain Points for Nonprofits of All Sizes

Two of the key pain points that hit most nonprofits are the lack of website technology and the need to more actively manage their donors. Donor management tools can help teams proactively understand what drives their best donors and how to turn so-so contributors into individuals who help support the mission for years to come. An up-to-date website is another critical item for nonprofits because this is often the public face of the entity — and the key lead-in for fundraising efforts. Here are a few of the nonprofit software discounts you can expect to find:

  • Two main customer relationship management (CRM) solutions offer deeply discounted software: Microsoft Dynamics and SalesForce.
  • Microsoft’s nonprofit discounts even extend to their highly popular Microsoft Office 365 suite.
  • Google offers its web-based G-Suite productivity software for nonprofits, as well as a Google Grant that covers some additional advertising opportunities.
  • Adobe also offers a range of nonprofit pricing discounts and programs

Nonprofits are often struggling to find the dollars to fund their mission, and it’s tough to give up those funds to pay for high-priced software. This means that nonprofits often “make do” with solutions that aren’t a great fit for their entity or do without services that could be boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of their overall operations. At Tektonic, we work with organizations of all sizes to ensure you have the best available solutions at a price that you can afford. Contact us today at 416-256-9928 to see how we can help your nonprofit in the Greater Toronto Area get access to the most comprehensive discounts. You might be surprised at the wide range of software and hardware vendors that are willing to make their products and services available at a significant discount so you can get busy changing the world!

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