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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON April 29,2018

Tektonic, Your Toronto Nonprofit Organization Computer and IT services company makes technology for NPO simple!

We’ve seen the scenario play out over and over through the years. An NPO starts out doing their own IT support, that gets too cumbersome, and they hand it off to a local freelancer or mom-and-pop-type IT support company. That ticks along okay for them until they get a little bigger and their organization’s technology starts to get more complicated.

They don’t want to let go of the freelancer or mom-and-pop IT support company they’ve been with for the past few years, but it is quickly becoming apparent that if their Toronto NPO is going to grow and serve more clients, they’re going to have to get more qualified IT support.

So, the board gets together and appoints someone – usually an administrative assistant at some level – to begin the process of vetting IT services companies in Toronto that support nonprofit organizations. And just for good measure, they expand their search to IT services companies that care for NPOs in Vaughan, Markham, Scarborough, North York, and Etobicoke.

As you’re aware, nothing moves at lightning speed in a non-profit. So this “find and vet an IT services company that supports NPOs in Toronto” search takes a few weeks. But at the next director’s meeting a few names are floated and now a higher-level employee – an executive – is tasked with interviewing the IT services company candidates.

What is the non-profit company’s executive looking for in a GTA technology support partner?

  • Local, fast, reliable service in their central location and satellite locations across Vaughan, Markham, Scarborough, North York, and Etobicoke
  • Office 365 expertise and support
  • Cybersecurity consulting to keep staff safe and client data confidential
  • Internet-based telephone sales and support to give a professional feel and to keep staff connected and collaborating while on the road
  • IT management, maintenance, and monitoring to ensure optimal efficiency and near-zero downtime
  • IT consulting to help the NPO executives know what technology to use, what new technology to implement, and what antiquated technology to remove from their network

What questions does an NPO executive have for a Toronto IT services company?

While each non-profit organization has questions that are specific to their processes and their needs, there are some questions that are of interest across the board. The following are common questions with answers from the NPO IT services specialists of Tektonic Managed Services.

Question #1 – Do we have to sign a big, expensive contract, or do you have a package that will fit us at our current stage of growth?

Answer: We don’t do big and expensive. We work with each client to determine the level of IT support they need for their organization and scale with them – meeting their IT support requirements at each step of their organizational growth.

Question #2 – How worried should our NPO be about hackers and ransomware? We hear about it in other places, is it a big deal here in Toronto?

Answer: Unfortunately, cybercrime has become a big concern worldwide. Because non-profit organizations by design have a lot of data and work with vulnerable people within the population, NPOs are a target. We will set up defences to protect your NPO from criminals online and will give your staff the training they need.

Question #3 – Do you support any other NPOs in the GTA?

Answer: Yes. The Tectonic team has the responsibility of caring for the IT support needs of a number of NPOs of varying sizes and missions across Toronto.

Question #4 – To accomplish our mission, we have to be mobile. Do you have experience supporting remote locations, traveling employees, and work-from-home employees/volunteers?

Answer: Yes. We eliminate all your IT worries – including issues of mobility. We have mobile device management solutions that will keep your staff connected, your projects coordinated, and your workflow secure. Much of our maintenance protocol can be done remotely, and if we need to access a device to do our work physically, we will come to you.

Get an IT services company on your side that will grow with your non-profit organization!

As previously discussed, it is hard to accomplish your organizational mission if your staff is constantly dealing with IT issues. Even with an internal IT person or an outsourced freelance IT support individual, it’s difficult to meet every IT need and answer every technology question of a growing NPO.

By outsourcing your IT support to a managed IT services company like Tectonic, your NPO will get the best of both worlds!

  • Your staff – especially the ones that were doing double duty in caring for your IT – will be freed up from doing patches, updates, and upgrades.
  • You won’t have to wait until your IT freelancer has time for you. – Tectonic has an entire team to take care of your IT support needs.
  • You’ll get the best IT consulting – including what’s working and not working for other NPOs across the country.
  • You’ll have access to help desk services that will respond quickly to answer questions or deal with issues BEFORE they become big

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