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Is Your Technology Helping Or Hindering Your Mission?

Nonprofit Tech Support: What IT services do GTA-based non-profits need to pursue their mandate and be a force for good at home and throughout the world?

Tektonic Delivers Productivity-Oriented IT Services For Non-Profits Throughout Toronto.

Toronto the Good.

That’s what our city was nicknamed at one time.

For most of us, we still think of it as a good city – even a great one.

After all, we have the tower, the Leafs, and a lifestyle that rivals any city in the world.

But we want more than good things, right?

Torontonians want to DO GOOD.

That’s what has drawn you to the non-profit sector.

Sure, you were looking for a job, but you wanted to make a difference with your work.

The IT support experts at Tektonic celebrate the outstanding work that non-profits do throughout Toronto and deliver IT services that support your heroic efforts.

What IT services do GTA-based non-profits need to pursue their mandate and be a force for good at home and throughout the world?

Before we get into specific IT services, let’s answer the question, “Why IT services?”

Here are five reasons to have professional IT support on your side.

  1. Computers don’t fix themselves.
  2. You don’t have time to keep up with patches, updates, upgrades, and the latest cybersecurity threats.
  3. You can get more done in less time if someone will show you how to leverage available technology.
  4. Clients have ever-increasing expectations surrounding the technology you use to communicate with them and deliver your services to them.
  5. Mobile technology is a part of life, and you feel like your organization may be missing the boat.

So, now that we’ve established that IT services would be helpful for a Toronto non-profit like yours, let’s talk for a moment about some specific services and how they can help you.

  • Managed IT Services – Managed IT services is everything you need to keep your systems running all rolled into an easily-budgeted monthly subscription payment. This includes computer repair, computer maintenance, monitoring for function and security, and help desk.
  • Internet-Based Business Telephones – Many non-profits have a national or global reach with volunteers and staff scattered throughout a large geographical area. Internet-based professional business telephone systems (known as VoIP) help you to stay in touch with staff, suppliers, and clients while saving substantial money when compared to traditional long distance charges and outdated landline
  • Cybersecurity – Unfortunately, non-profits are seen to be “soft targets” by cyber-criminals. Why? Because non-profits are the perfect nexus between business, government, and private individuals. Most non-profits do “business” with all three of these entities and as a result, have information that criminals would like to steal and re-sell. Cybersecurity protocols, when properly implemented by an IT professional, will ensure that your non-profit will not inadvertently do damage to partnering individuals or businesses as a result of lax IT security.
  • Mobile Management – As we have already briefly mentioned, mobile technology is the way the world is communicating and doing business today. Whether your non-profit buys cell phones for your employees to use a “work phones” or you utilize a bring-your-own strategy, the law mandates that you secure any private data on those devices relating to your clients. An IT support company offering mobile management will ensure that the devices used to do your day-to-day communications are secure, updated, and if needed – encrypted. If your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, the IT support company will do a remote wipe on the device to ensure that private information is not compromised.
  • Data Backup – Computer crashes aren’t the only reason that non-profits opt to have a redundant data backup strategy. Ransomware is also a huge concern. Ransomware effectively locks you out of all your files, documents, spreadsheets, databases, photos, and videos. The only way to get these assets back from the clutches of the criminals is to pay them a ransom. However, if you have a managed data backup strategy in place, you can restore your files from your backup and avoid being forced to hand over precious dollars to criminal cyber-syndicates.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Support – You’re likely already using Microsoft Office 365. It’s a powerful suite of productivity applications that are used by leading non-profits – and nearly every other industry – worldwide. But are you getting all the value you can from your Microsoft Office 365 subscription? There’s probably more power, flexibility, and features there than you are aware of, and a Toronto IT services company such as Tektonic can help you leverage Office 365 to your fullest advantage.
  • IT Consulting – It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes look at a plan or problem with you. In fact, having another executive help you look at the big picture through the lens of what is possible with technology may be just what your organization needs to scale to the next plateau of growth.

Don’t You Want Your Organization to Make the Most of Technology? Tektonic provides IT services for non-profits throughout Toronto.

Let’s take a moment to dispel some myths and deal with the common objections non-profits have to outsource their technical support work to an IT services company.

Objection #1 – “I have people that can fix our computers.”

Response – Yes, you undoubtedly have a fantastic staff member or two that are willing to tackle IT issues, and they may do a fantastic job and keeping things running. But just ask them if they’d rather do IT maintenance or get more done on the job they were hired to do. Often, they spend overtime hours they aren’t being paid for just to keep your systems functional. They feel overwhelmed, but they don’t want to say anything because they believe in the organization’s mission and want to help.

Objection #2 – “Outsourced IT services are too expensive for us.”

Response – Not necessarily. You never know the true cost until you’ve set down with a Tektonic representative and worked out the numbers. You may be surprised at the opportunities and even the long-term savings you could realize by entering into a month-to-month IT services contract.

Objection #3 – “A professional wouldn’t want to work on our IT system. It’s too old. They’d make us replace everything, and we can’t afford that.”

Response – That’s just not the case. Toronto-based IT services providers, like the Tektonic team, that value non-profits and believe in their mission are glad to work with the technology you currently have while building a strategy to get you into the technology that your organization deserves.

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