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Top Five Ways Non-Profit Organizations Under Utilize IT

These are the top five information technology-related services that nonprofit organizations don’t know can be used to improve their operations and impact.  

Five Ways Nonprofit Organizations Can Better Leverage IT Services

These are the top five information technology-related services that nonprofit organizations don’t know can be used to improve their operations and impact.  

Budgets matter in nearly every organization. However, funding restrictions in the nonprofit world can be particularly tight. For-profit companies can generally excuse almost any budget item that is proven to increase the bottom line somehow.

With charity groups, however, it can often be challenging justifying reducing direct service funds to update support services. However, several information technologies can offer concrete benefits to nonprofit organizations.

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Moving To The Cloud/ Virtual Computing

The move to virtual or cloud-based computing systems may seem like a distant foreign concern to many in the nonprofit world. However, the trend is happening among the more technologically savvy for a good reason. Many concerns faced by nonprofits could potentially be addressed by one of these two options.

Nonprofits that provide direct community service may benefit from a solution that allows location flexibility. Using cloud-based software and offsite virtual private networks could both make it easier to serve your clients where they live, work, and play. Virtual solutions can also make it easier to manage and scale computing, storage, and security needs.

Service Delivery Optimization

One of the most powerful tools of the last decade has been the prevalence of software applications designed specifically to optimize service and product delivery. Many delivery companies have saved significant amounts of money by creating more energy-efficient delivery routes and schedules.

Nonprofits could use similar technologies to analyze service patterns and customer needs. More efficient service delivery could allow nonprofits to serve more people using fewer resources.

Automated Public Engagement Tools

For many nonprofits, public engagement is critical for successful operation. You cannot serve the public if they do not know where you are and what you do. It is also nearly impossible to create political capital or social support without a powerful public engagement engine working on your behalf.

Fortunately, some tools can help charity groups improve public connection. Bots may be getting a bad name in social media lately, but they are a great way to connect with customers visiting your website. Other automated tools can send clients an email before appointments to prevent time wasted on missed services. Followup emails can encourage customer feedback and solicit testimonials that can be used in public relations documents.

Strategic Fundraising Tools

Much like the public engagement tools, bots and automated email applications can help to ensure potential funders receive strategically timed contacts. Most people hate asking for money, but many nonprofits rely on fundraising for survival. Website bots could also help to answer questions and quickly funnel potential donations to the correct staff.

Once the donations are made, modern applications can be used to automate the record-keeping processes. Imagine staff entering the information once, and having the relevant data duplicated into all necessary databases, tax records, and contact / thank you lists.

Impact Metrics Analysis

Every nonprofit wants to know that their efforts are not in vain. Modern foundations increasingly want impact measures to justify funding. However, it is often difficult for community organizations to prove anything beyond that services were provided. Also, in many cases, the impact itself is beyond measure or control.

Fortunately, advances in artificial intelligence and data collection can often make such analysis easier. Not only can the resulting thoughtful reports help with funding, but they can potentially guide services into actually impacting the community.

We Can Help

All over the for-profit world, advances in information technology, artificial intelligence, and data analysis are making organizations more effective. Nonprofits can benefit from these advances in authentic ways. If you work for a nonprofit and would like to know how your specific organization can improve, contacting a technology consultant is the first step. A professional can give you a better idea of what technologies are feasible for your operation.

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