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Microsoft Forms Is Much More Than a Forms App

Microsoft Forms is the most user-friendly tool on the market you can use to get information from individuals or groups.

Microsoft Forms Is Much More Than a Forms App

Microsoft Forms is the most user-friendly tool on the market you can use to get information from individuals or groups.

Have you ever needed to get information from employees, contractors, customers, vendors, or anyone and you wanted to send a simple question-and-answer form to get the details? Sure, there are plenty of options out there that do this in digital formats, like Survey Monkey, but Microsoft Forms is designed with a more simplistic interface – basically, it’s easier to use and faster to navigate.

How Do I Use Microsoft Forms?

What’s great about Microsoft Forms is you can use the same Microsoft log-in that you use for your Microsoft account, including the Microsoft 365 productivity apps, so you don’t need to remember yet another user name and password combination. Also, the easy navigation you’re used to with Microsoft apps is present in Microsoft Forms, too.

Your Microsoft Forms account access helps you quickly and easily design Forms with a polished look that will help you get the information you need from recipients. Microsoft Forms allows users to efficiently create Forms with its innovative widget, packed with features and flexibility, and results can be exported and viewed as charts for easy-to-understand data presentation.

No need to download and install software – just log into the Microsoft Forms homepage with your Microsoft account. If you need to create a free Microsoft account, it won’t take you more than a quick series of clicks.

Log in

You’ll see a “Welcome” screen, even if it’s your first time logging in. You may see a row of more Microsoft 365 productivity apps toward the left side of your browser window, and the Forms dashboard will be loaded with your My Forms section.

Create your Form with a Form name

Click on the plus sign (+) to create a new Form, and follow the widget prompts to set a name for your form in the Questions section. Note this is the first step in the Questions widget and will be the theme of your Form, followed by filling in a description to give respondents more information about your Form.

Add your Questions

Click “+ Add New” to add your questions to your Form. The widget will offer you a choice of options for your questions, including:

  • Multiple choice
  • Text
  • Date
  • Many more options

Preview and test your Form

At this step, before you click “Send” you can preview your Form to make sure everything looks good. You can also preview your Form in mobile format since many of your respondents might submit information using a mobile device and you can check how the Form will look for those recipients. You can also test your Form in this step by entering and submitting responses.

Editing your Form in this step is easy – click “Back” and make edits. Once you’re ready, click “Send” and you’ll see a menu with a URL/link to share in various formats including embed code or email format.

In minutes, Microsoft Forms lets you prepare a Form ready to share with recipients and collect responses via web browser for real-time results.

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