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Where Can I Find a Markham IT Company Who Services Dentists?

Although dental offices in Markham naturally aren’t focused on technology, like any other business in the 21st century, they use it. And that means they need IT specialists in order to productively run their businesses.

Although dental offices in Markham naturally aren’t focused on technology, like any other business in the 21st century, they use it. And that means they need IT specialists in order to productively run their businesses.

Preferably, a quality dental office will look to a managed IT service provider. Then, whenever there is a problem, they’ll have someone to call right away.

Likewise, orthodontists and other oral health professionals require the services of IT specialists. These days, it’s a necessity to ensure that your office is up-to-date with the latest software and business systems. It helps you, and it helps your patients.

So where can dental offices go to find an IT provider who understands how their practices run?

In fact, there are IT services just for dentists in Markham, ON — yes, particularly for dentists and other oral health professionals.

As you shop around for the best service provider, however, you may be challenged in finding a company that meets your exact needs. To help you, we’ve outlined the top questions you’ll want to ask as you interview each potential IT service provider. Let’s get started!

Top Questions to Ask Potential Managed IT Service Companies for Your Dental Practice

1. What is the focus of your IT services company?

It’s okay if the sole focus of an IT services company you’re interviewing is not dental services. Often, in an area like Markham, it’s not possible for an IT services company to stay afloat by simply servicing dental offices. Still, you want to hear that they have specific experience and expertise in IT services for dental offices.

That is, they should at least have a page on their website about their dental office IT services. They should also keenly understand the business end of a dental or orthodontic office and know the best medical IT solutions for dental practices.

2. How long has your IT services company been in business?

It’s not necessarily mandatory that a company be in business for decades in order to be legitimate. Still, you want to know that the company is established and won’t go under right away once you sign up with them.

Dig into how the IT services company you are interviewing got started. Did they begin in Markham particularly (are they local)? What background and education does the owner have? Do they have other locations around Canada? Have they grown over the years? How many employees do they have now compared to how many they had when they got started?

3. Are you familiar with the leading dental software solutions?

Every dental IT services company should be familiar with dental software solutions such as Dentrix, SoftDent, and Dexis. It is likely that your office uses one of these software solutions, and over time, you’ll undoubtedly need assistance with systems that are down, error messages, and other troubleshooting.

Make sure the IT services company you are interviewing knows about these systems, and ask them some specific questions. It’s best if you can think of a problem you had with one of your systems or computers in the past. Ask them exactly what they would’ve done, step-by-step, to fix the problem.

4. Do you offer round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance?

IT problems often start on the backend of software systems where employees of your dental office won’t notice them until it’s too late. This is the job of your IT services company.

The best companies offer 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your dental software systems so that they can detect IT issues before they become a serious problem and impact productivity.

5. What if we have a random problem or concern outside of business hours?

Dental and orthodontic offices are unique in that they sometimes need to work outside of traditional office hours for patients with emergencies. In these cases, it’s not unusual for dental office employees to run into technical problems in the middle of the night, on a weekend, or even on a holiday.

Therefore, your office needs to know that the IT services company they’re going to work with will be available at these times in case you have a problem. Generally speaking, you’ll be looking for the IT services company to offer “24/7 help desk support.”

6. How do you manage confidentiality and changing security requirements?

Like any medical office, it is essential that your dental office stays within strict (and often changing) guidelines and requirements for confidentiality and security. An IT services provider needs to understand and remain compliant with these changing requirements and regulations just as you do. If they are completely unaware of the right technologies to help you do this, they’ll fall short every time.

Has Your Dental Office Been Searching for a Quality IT Services Company in Markham?

Tektonic Managed Services is your IT support expert in Markham.

We understand that your office has questions now, and when you have a problem with your software, the Internet, patient accounts, or employee systems, you need assistance now. With Tektonic, all you need to do is notify us that you need help, and we’re there.

We know that some IT services for dentists in MarkhamON are extremely subpar. You’re left waiting for hours to fix a problem that’s causing you delays in your practice — your patients are frustrated and so are your employees. That’s a problem.

But with Tektonic, you’ll receive help ASAP. We offer round-the-clock maintenance and monitoring to catch problems before they start. But we also have 24/7 help desk support and in-depth knowledge of your dental software systems so that we can ameliorate issues quickly.

Let us help your dental office run more smoothly and efficiently with better managed IT services. To learn more about what we offer, see our Dental Services page and contact us today!

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