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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON May 11,2017

Far be it for anyone to tout themselves as the “best,” but our managed IT services area is itself broken-down into five main areas of expertise. We’ll break those areas down for you in this article and you can decide for yourself who offers the best IT network managed services in Toronto.

Do you do IT consulting as part of your managed service platform?

Yes, indeed, our IT consulting services offer small and larger companies the chance to streamline their efficiency and achieve more competitive levels of IT productivity. Our leading-edge IT solutions are flexible and scalable, growing right along with your business.

What kind of IT support services do you offer?

As a leader among IT support companies in Toronto ON, it’s a built-in verity that we provide continuous, responsive, and engaged tech support for all our clients. This includes computer hardware support that rolls-out updated technology where and when it’s needed.

We also give you all the software licensing and management you’ll need, along with a highly accessible Help Desk that amounts to a personal and professional IT hotline for busy executives and their staff.

Can you do both on-site and remote maintenance and network monitoring?

Absolutely! In addition to being able to make on-site service calls, our remote maintenance and network monitoring allows us to access any managed PC in your network, so our technicians are able to view what’s on your employees’ screens when they have an issue that requires our attention. Our remote maintenance can also monitor and remedy IT systems for you network-wide.

In what ways can your IT outsourcing help me?

With Tektonic’s affordable, outsourced IT services, you get it ALL, literally, in one cost-efficient package that features a flat, monthly rate, dependable service and uptime guarantees, and the widest IT support coverage you can get in Toronto!

What about IT vendor management? Can you act as our vCIO and manage our entire IT network?

We sure can! When you employ our team as your company’s virtual CIO, we’ll increase your efficiency and eliminate all your stress and worries regarding IT networking. Hand the reins of IT management to our vCIO services, and we’ll steer you along a strategic IT roadmap designed specifically to make your business more profitable!

Sounds great! When can we get started?

Right away! Give us a call at (416) 256-9928 or you can email us via secure contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP and get you set-up with the best – and only managed services in Toronto ON you’ll ever need!

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