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Toronto Managed IT Expert Helps Accounting Firms Navigate G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

An accounting firm in Toronto needed help with its G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 migrations. They turned to Tektonic and got results.

Accounting Firms Navigate G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 Migrations With Help From Managed IT Expert In Toronto

Technology forms the backbone of any accounting firm’s infrastructure. Leveraging the latest technology increases productivity, reduce costs, and facilitates expedient communication. But the problem many accounting businesses face is upgrading or pivoting to the next-generation programs and platforms that give your outfit a competitive edge.

That’s a reasonable problem given that accounting firms attract clients and drive profits based on your niche industry expertise. No one expects you to gain proficiency in IT, nor should you. Just as companies from wide-reaching industries reach out to accounting firms for expert services, businesses in the Greater Toronto area rely on managed IT firms. As an example of why experienced managed IT delivers necessary services, Tektonic recently helped an accounting firm through its G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 migrations.

How Tektonic Helps Toronto Accounting Firms

As a member of the Toronto business community, our experienced IT professionals understand that problems can emerge at any time. That’s why we offer a 24-7 live chat platform. When accounting firms and other organizations have an obstacle or worrisome issue with their technology, prompt communication helps put your mind at ease.

“I’m looking for assistance merging my G Suite account with my Microsoft 365 for my business,” an accounting firm owner stated on our live chat platform. “Who can deal with these issues for us as we have no background or knowledge on these topics.”

“We can certainly try to help you with that,” the Tektonic customer care professional responded immediately. “I recommend you speak with one of our Client Service Representatives who can best answer your request and recommend possible options for moving forward. What phone number and email would be best to follow up with you?”

It’s our strong belief that our colleagues in other industries should have access to prompt IT service and know their stumbling block will be resolved in a fast and efficient manner.

What Makes G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 Migrations Difficult?

Successfully completing G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 migrations typically requires specific IT experience. Although many platforms create an illusion that they are so user-friendly anyone can follow the instructions, reality tends to be different. This particular migration often calls for the careful planning of a managed IT specialist.

One of the common snags that companies encounter has to do with domains. During the early stages of the migration process, you will need to verify you own the domain. Not only will you need to navigate the verification process, but then you will need to negotiate a series of steps regarding your domain host provider. If it’s not Google, expect an additional layer of migration steps. To say the following migration process can become unwieldy would be something of an understatement.

  • Add users to Office 365 one at a time along with licenses for each one of them
  • Create an entire list of Gmail accounts for the migration on an Excel sheet
  • Connect G Suite and Office 365, so they can communicate properly
  • Prepare migration batches
  • Verify successful migrations and start troubleshooting if necessary
  • Update your system to reroute Gmail to Office 365
  • Take measures to end Gmail synchronization

More than a few high-level professionals outside the IT field get bogged down when going the DIY route. Fortunately for the Toronto accounting firm that contacted Tektonic, their migration was in good hands.

“I now have everything I need to give to one of our Client Service Representatives. They will contact you within 24 hours at the most (1 business day), or sooner,” our live chat person said, putting them at ease. “Please don’t hesitate to visit our site and contact us again if you have any additional questions! I hope we can work together!”

Tektonic Delivers Greater Toronto Area Accounting Firms IT Solutions

On the very next business day, a Tektonic service professional made arrangements to quickly resolve the firm’s migration difficulties. Because our team of IT professionals routinely complete G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 migrations across industry sectors, the process was completed efficiently and cost-effectively.

If you are considering technology challenges such as G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 migrations, contact Tektonic for a prompt consultation.

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