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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 1,2014

When you decide to get a server for your business, it is a sure sign that your small or mid-sized business is gradually growing. Since your business is increasing in size, your staff will also undoubtedly increase in number. This might also be one of the reasons you have decided to get a business server, as you need a data center where all your employees can store their information or share work related data with their colleagues and clients.

However, you may be oblivious to the fact that installing and maintaining a separate business network will use up a lot of your monetary resources. The necessary hardware needed to set up the server itself needs a significant amount of capital. Plus, you might have to hire an entire team of IT technicians to run this server and handle its maintenance. In other words, owning a business network is definitely an expensive investment.

If you have a limited budget but still need a business server to carry out your work, then a managed IT services company will be able to help you. Especially if you need your business server in place immediately, then getting an IT service provider is your only option. However, hiring the services of a dedicated IT company may be a wise decision. As the business owner, you will not have time to keep a constant check on your server to see if everything is in proper working order. You will be occupied with other important administration and coordination tasks.

On the other hand, with an IT services provider you will not have to waste any time on regular checks of your business server. By hiring the services of expert IT technicians, all the maintenance activities will be handled exclusively by them. This method of maintaining your server is more cost-effective, because you don’t have to spend time on hiring a separate IT staff to take care of your server. By hiring the services of an IT company, you just have to pay a fixed monthly rate and they will handle the entire operations of your business server on your behalf.

Some IT service companies also offer cloud computing as part of their managed IT services and facilities. Using their cloud IT solutions, you won’t even need to spend money on purchasing the hardware for business server. Instead, you can get a hosted server and host your server on the cloud. By doing this, you will save costs of purchasing the physical hardware for your server, plus you will get to save valuable space in your office, which would have otherwise been utilized for the servers.

The additional benefit you get from using a virtual business server is that your employees will be able to access the server from anyplace with an internet connection. And since many smartphones now have internet connectivity, your employees will be able to do their basic tasks like emailing, making presentations or sending files easily from their mobile devices..

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