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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 20,2013

Last week, as Apple Inc. fans waited in anticipation for the new iPhone announcement, Apple delivered two different exciting models; the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. These products promise to introduce some great features and style to users this Fall. Let’s take a look at how these new devices can liven your everyday office routine.Aesthetics
When comparing the two new iPhone models, you’ll notice a drastic difference in appearance. The iPhone 5c is available in five brightly distinguished color options, giving them a creative aesthetic spark. iPhone 5c also drifts from the current iPhone 5 model style by using plastic casing instead of glass and metal. The new plastic casing is reinforced with steel lining inside of the phone to ensure durability and quality. Apple explains that they wanted to offer a model that wouldn’t break the bank for new iPhone users, and using this one-piece plastic casing would cut production costs, which will allow this phone to be sold at $99 with a service contract. The new iPhone 5s looks similar to the current iPhone 5 model, but introduces touches of silver and gold against the white and black aluminum/glass casing. Both models offer ways to introduce some color and style into your workday routine.

While the iPhone 5c comes equipped with nearly identical specs as the current iPhone 5 model, the iPhone 5s offers impressively new and innovative upgrades. For the iPhone 5s, Apple made upgrades to the camera, LTE speed, and more, but two new developments are worthy of note. First, is the ‘Touch ID’ feature; a “fingerprint identity sensor,” that activates the user’s fingerprint as the new Apple password. Setting up this feature requires the user to scan their fingerprint into the phone which enables them to unlock the device, and make purchases from the Apple app store, iTunes, iBooks, and more at the touch of their finger. The second innovative technology innovation is the new A7 processor. The A7 boasts the ability to make the iPhone 5s the world’s first 64-bit mobile device; providing CPU-worthy graphics. The A7 also claims to have twice the processing power of the current iPhone 5. All in all, iPhone 5s is a phone worth considering as your next business smartphone.

These days, a smartphone is only worth what its software will let you accomplish. Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 7, promises to perfectly complement the new innovative hardware specs of the latest iPhone models. iOS 7 was designed to be fully compatible with the A7 processor by operating in 64-bit with its Retina Display screen. Apple has redesigned the overall look and feel of the software and its apps, offering improvements to applicaions such as iCloud, Siri, Mail, iCal, and many of its other organizational tools. The new software will provide new multi-tasking capabilities, wi-fi and bluetooth sharing compatibility, and more. iOS7 also offers “powerful new ways to configure and deploy devices” for any size business. The software will allow an administrator to purchase and control apps across multiple Apple devices with ease, along with a few great features for business; per-app VPN control, App Store license management, enterprise single sign on, third-party app data protection, and more (not to mention the 900,000 apps available)! iPhone 5c and 5s armed with iOS7 will create amazing opportunities for businesses to shift to BYOD environments (bring your own device), while better channeling company communication. These new iPhone options will incresase your personal productivity, will boost enthusiasm around your company office.

Whether you are simply looking out for a new smartphone upgrade, or are simply an Apple Inc. fan, the new iPhone devices are promising tools for your personal and business use. The combination of the innovative new hardware with the intuitive software creates an opportunity for your business to cut time spent on organizational and productivity procedures, and spend more time actually managing your company. Tektonic can help you through the process of integrating the new iPhones into your business routine. Call us today at (416) 256-9928 if you have any further questions about how these devices can liven your office routine.

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