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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON February 9,2015

What’s the protocol for when your staff gets a phone call from a client or potential customer? If you don’t have a phone-answering procedure in place, then you’re winging it and you’ll end up scribbling notes and fumbling through a Rolodex to answer a customer’s question. VoIP offers your business a better way to process company calls.

Voice over Internet Protocol provides businesses with many great phone features by taking advantage of the fact that it utilizes the Internet. When your phone system is tied to your Internet connection, it opens up a world of possibilities because you can easily connect your phone to your workstation and its applications.

One helpful way that VoIP streamlines the communications of your company is by giving you automatic insight and details about the customer on the other line. VoIP achieves this by pulling data from your customer relationship management (CRM) solution. This feature is like caller ID on steroids because it allows for all of the customer’s data stored on the CRM to be displayed as soon as the phone rings. This includes information about their account, like orders pending, recent returns, billing, and much more.

Armed with a VoIP solution that’s connected with your CRM software, your team will have a big advantage when it comes to taking a customer’s phone call. Think about how advantageous it would be if you knew about the problem a customer is calling about, even before you picked up the phone. From the moment you answered the phone, you would be able to set the appropriate tone for the phone call and defuse a bad situation, or placate a client that you know requires “special” attention.

The customer may be so impressed that your business is doing such a good job at staying on top of things, that they will perhaps forget about how mad they were regarding the issue they’re calling about. Communicating with your customers efficiently is the best way to keep them satisfied, and a VoIP phone system is an easy way to make sure that even the most difficult customers are satisfied before the end of the phone call.

Alternatively, you can always go back to scribbling on Post-it Notes and thumbing through file folders to answer a customer’s urgent question. This is an outdated way to answer the phone that your modern business shouldn’t be subject to. If you’ve got an Internet connection, then you’re well on your way to empowering your business with a dynamic enterprise-level communications system like VoIP.

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