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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON November 16,2018

With restricted budgets, it can be difficult for your in-house IT professional to keep up and ensure your technology and communications are working as they should. What ends up happening are quick fixes for issues rather than getting to the core of the problems. And with too much work and too little time, important IT projects get put on the backburner.

Is Your IT Guy Having Trouble Completing Daily Tasks?

Things like user support and troubleshooting can take time away from higher-level responsibilities. And if your tech is overworked, this can lead to errors that can result in IT interruptions, downtime and data breaches.

Have You Thought About Outsourcing IT Service For The Help He Needs?

Instead of hiring additional techs which can be very expensive, you can contract out to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who will work alongside your IT professional and fill in the gaps.

What Is Outsourced IT?

Outsourcing provides the coverage you need without surprise expenses. MSPs offer reliable coverage with proactive IT management. Your tech’s workload will be lessened, and you’ll have the coverage you need at a price that remains the same each month. This provides the time your tech needs to handle what’s on his plate and prevents errors that can result from being overworked.

What IT Tasks Should You Outsource?

An outsourced IT provider can supplement your in-house tech’s responsibilities with things like:

  • Data center operations
  • e-Commerce web design functions
  • Basic support services (help desks, etc.)
  • IT Security management
  • Email marketing management
  • Virus protection
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Wireless support
  • Procurement services
  • Network design
  • Business phone services
  • Mobile Device management
  • Cloud migrations

How Else Will Outsourcing Help Your Business?

Troubleshooting problems that your employees face with hardware or software can take time away from higher-level projects. Your Outsourced MSP can help with the day-to-day support and service, so your tech can tackle some of those projects that he had to put off.

Ensuring Business Continuity

Your outsourced provider can help by verifying that your backups are working, data is quickly recoverable and accessible, and setting up a system, so you and your staff can continue working when your office is down due to weather events or other issues.

Ensuring IT Security

Your outsourced IT professional can verify that your data remains secure and that your customers’ confidential information is safeguarded. He can implement services and solutions like vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, Remote Monitoring and Management, Defense-in-Depth security solutions with intrusion protection, managed firewalls, antivirus spam filtering, and automatic patches and upgrades.

IT Consulting

Technology is evolving at such as rapid pace that one IT professional can’t keep up with it all. There are times when an outside expert with a specialty in an area is needed. Your outsourced IT professional can work alongside your tech to bring new ideas and insights for ways to use technology. They can provide expert guidance for any number of things, including:

  • Suggesting the best IT solutions to use for a particular project.
  • Diagnosing and helping to overcome challenges to increase business opportunities.
  • Ensuring the productivity of your employees by using the right IT solutions.
  • Ensuring that you are using the right business phone services for your needs.
  • Migrating IT solutions to the Cloud.
  • Providing Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your staff.

Strategic IT Advice

With years of experience working with other businesses, an outsources IT provider will have the expertise and knowledge to help you plan your technology for the future. They can work with your IT professional and your leadership to develop a 3-to-5 year IT Plan to help your business grow. The right outsourced IT company will have executive-level professionals like a CIO, CTO and COO who can assist with your higher-level planning.

How Do You Choose An Outsourced IT Provider?

We can explain how more in person. Contact the IT professionals at Tektonic. We’ll be happy to provide a complimentary assessment for your IT outsourcing needs.

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