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Who Specializes In Helping Nonprofits In Toronto With IT Support?

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Doesn’t your Non-Profit organization deserve dependable technology?


It is our privilege to support the IT of non-profit organizations across the region.

The community is better because of the work that you do.

We’re proud to be a tiny part of that effort.

Here’s the problem…

The rising cost of break/fix IT repairs is draining non-profits of valuable resources.

Many business leaders and in-house IT employees try to help.

But they just aren’t trained – and don’t have the time – to do the high level of IT needed to successfully support their organization.

Added to that stress and time crunch are the looming dangers of carrying out the organization’s mission online.

It’s all just too much for already overwhelmed staff or volunteers.

You need steady, proactive, professional support!

Having professionals on your side will make all the difference.

We’ll deal with your IT so you can make the world a better place!

Just think of how much more you and your staff could get done if you allow Tektonic to optimize your IT!

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Imagine what seamless, synchronized mobile capability would do to transform the way your organization works.

We will enable your employees and volunteers to work seamlessly and securely in the field.

You want to be able to predict IT expenses – no surprises!

We provide holistic, comprehensive I.T. solutions for one budgetable monthly fee.

We will work with you to improve both external and internal operations.

In short, we will save you money, and help you get more done in a workday.

No excuses. No delays. No surprises.

Let us support your non-profit organization! Contact us now at (416) 256-9928 or sales@tek-help.com