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Need IT Services For Your Toronto Company During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Toronto organizations are sending employees home to work.  Tektonic is experienced in working with large or small organizations that are dealing with how to keep their workforce up and running during any emergency.

Tektonic Is Here To Help Toronto Organization With IT Services During Coronavirus Pandemic

Toronto organizations are sending employees home to work.  Tektonic is experienced in working with large or small organizations that are dealing with how to keep their workforce up and running during any emergency.

No one could have predicted how quickly the world has been impacted by the COVID-19 virus or the widespread shutdowns of organizations across the globe. Canadian companies are no different, with near-immediate shutdowns causing IT leaders to scramble to find ways to provide business continuity in the worst-case scenario situations. This global pandemic has caused millions of businesses to effectively shut their doors and allow staff members who can work from home. However, this is causing additional stress on company networks and IT infrastructure, at a time when technical staff members may not be cleared to come into the office. Not every disaster scenario looks the same, but companies will continue to need secure and efficient operations regardless of the physical location of their staff. Here are some of the challenges that companies across the GTA are facing to protect their organizations.

IT Services Toronto Coronavirus Pandemic

Putting Proactive Measures in Place to Protect Your Enterprise

Hackers are taking full advantage of the coronavirus crisis, attacking companies that do not have the necessary cybersecurity solutions in place. Everything from less-than-secure remote internet connections to “fake news” emails that launch malware is causing problems that technical staff simply cannot afford during this difficult time. Some companies are fortunate enough to have taken steps to create a business continuity strategy to help navigate through these trying times, while others are taking things day-by-day in an attempt to stave off the worst problems while putting short-term fixes in place for others. Your customers are counting on your team to deliver, and there are significant opportunities for brands that can rise to the challenge.

Top Tips for Business Continuity During a Disaster Scenario

There are likely hundreds of details that are calling for your attention during this high-risk period with your business, but prioritizing these efforts will help ensure that your business can securely and efficiently weather the storm.

Secure Remote Access for Staff Members and Contractors

Even those employees with company laptops and phones will need a way to connect to your databases without risking damage to your sensitive systems and business applications. Quickly defining a plan of attack to deploy and train your staff on VPN solutions — if those aren’t already in place — should be a top priority. This effort should include ensuring that your current internal bandwidth will support the extra load, security and software licensing as well as a remote training option that provides staff with options for engagement to get additional answers.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Data Storage and Business Applications

There are still companies with storage on a local server, something that is not successful when most or all of your staff suddenly become remote workers. Making a quick shift to the cloud may not be the best option. Still, your IT managed services provider or local IT consulting team can help ensure that you’re able to create secure access to your most often-accessed and vital business information and databases.

Defining Business Continuity Strategies

Part of having a reliable business continuity solution in place includes defining your methods of communication, to and from customers and with internal staff and vendors. With this structure in place, you’re able to quickly and easily share details about your company and how to move forward such as shipping delays, announcements regarding site closings, rescheduled activities and more. You will also need to have a reliable backup and data recovery solution deployed. If these measures are not already a part of your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies, putting these tactics in place will help you move your organization forward securely and with an eye towards shifting back to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Need Help With Your IT Systems During This Coronavirus Crisis?

Whether you spent months preparing your disaster recovery strategy or are just getting started, now is the time to review all of your work and ensure you have the tools and support in place to protect your organization from disruptions. As your internal team is scrambling to find the solutions and time needed to allow for remote work, you can work with the professionals at Tektonic to help create or revise your disaster strategies and enhance security solutions. Contact the Tektonic Managed Services team at 416-256-9928 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation or to learn more about the business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that we offer to our clients.

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