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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON December 13,2017

For IT Services in Toronto That Give You More Solutions for Your Money, Tektonic is the Leading Choice for Businesses in Ontario

Tektonic has been providing professional IT support for businesses in and around Vaughan, ON since 1998. We strive to give our clients Enterprise-level services and solutions at prices that work for businesses. Time and experience have helped us develop our Toronto IT services best practices and workflow procedures around a proactive philosophy designed to keep your focus on your business, not your technology.

Our team of experts can become your outsourced IT department; responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them. Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure to your computers, workstations and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all your technology needs.

From security to cloud services to business continuity and an entire host of IT services Toronto businesses can truly thrive on – we have all the answers to your IT questions. Our all-inclusive managed support allows companies of all sizes and types to get the equal benefit of high-powered IT management.

Our proprietary security services model gives you all the advantages of fully-integrated advanced technology solutions with forward-thinking IT strategies based on the “human factor,” or what the particular human resources (or network user) map for any Toronto business calls for.

If it’s a new technology appliance or software rollout, we do it, but only where we deem it absolutely necessary. We don’t waste your time or money on unnecessary sales schemes to increase our bottom line. We focus on you and your organization’s real-time, real-world needs in the realm of outsourced IT management, consulting, hosted services, and much more.

With sustainability and “not having enough resources” being two of the primary challenges of many businesses today, we enter in the role of a trusted partner in better sustainability in and access to technology resources in the IT department – which translates to more buoyancy, sustainability, and productivity, and therefore – longevity.

For instance, our Microsoft Office 365 support will help you optimize both your internal and intra-organizational communications and document generation. We can customize your Office 365 deployment to fit the exact requirements of your operations. We can also do a straightforward, painless migration, where you don’t have to worry about downtime or loss of data because we can guarantee 99.9% uptime.

More IT Opportunities for Toronto Businesses

Never has a Toronto IT company offered so much to the average business as has Tektonic. As an IT services provider in Toronto, we’re equipped to handle issues that can lead to devastating downtime or loss of function.  Our tech support team has the knowledge and the advanced technology to handle the problem and get you back up and running with minimal downtime or effect on your business.

You have limited resources already as a business owner, so why use up even more of those resources maintaining something that you’re not an expert in?  Why not let someone else take over the management of your Toronto IT services, freeing up your resources for other aspects of your business. You can finally free up accounting staff to do their job and let an IT professional fix the laptops, phones, and PCs.

Another big positive of having a third-party company handling your IT services is that you share the infrastructure risk.  This will allow you as a business to become more flexible and agile, allowing you to deliver better products over the long run.  Again, this goes towards lowering costs and the stress of having to maintain a network when you may not understand all the ins and outs of a network.

The simple fact is, using IT outsourcing frees up your staff to do the job that they were hired to do, and to do what they do best.  With how rapidly tech changes, how are you supposed to keep up?  You need professionals who are experts in their field and are paid to keep up with and understand the most up-to-date technology out there.

We Provide Business IT Services Toronto Companies Appreciate 

Our philosophy on providing industry-leading Toronto IT services can be boiled-down to one credo: We’re in this business to help businesses grow and move forward.

It really is as simple as that.

From that maxim, all things follow our own managed IT services best practices lead. It would be an ethical and operational impossibility for us to provide a level of IT support services for Toronto companies that we ourselves would find objectionable.

In that spirit, it’s our main objective to be able to expand our abilities to provide Toronto ON companies the computer tech support that can do everything from providing more agile and resilient cyber and network security, cloud IT solutions, to advanced intrusion detection appliances for servers, data centres, and computer networks.

Does Your Toronto Organization Need Technology Help? 

Chances are very good that no matter what kind of association you’re part of, with our IT consulting guiding your operations, you’ll feel as well as see the benefits – from cleaner emails to more productive IT systems and more guaranteed server and data center uptime, and much more.

You’ll also love the fact that we won’t waste your time or money on things that increase our bottom line needlessly. Instead, we focus on you and your organization’s real-time, real-world needs with highly scalable and cost-efficient IT management.

Tektonic can ensure that your business is always running at peak performance. We’ll make sure your employees are able to send and receive emails securely, and communicate with your clients efficiently.  If your staff couldn’t communicate with clients and vendors, how long would your business last?  With us fulfilling the role of your IT provider, you will have access to first-class technology, allowing you to streamline processes that make them more efficient and productive.  This will help your company to be able to take advantage of opportunities much more quickly, capitalize on them, and reach KPIs as a truly thriving organization.

We wonder if your current IT services provider in Toronto handles all this:

  • Data center operations
  • Disaster recovery
  • E-Commerce web design functions
  • Basic support services (help desks, etc.)
  • Security management
  • E-Mail marketing management
  • Virus protection
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Wireless networking support
  • Purchase consulting
  • Network architecture, and much more.

And, can they do it all for a predictable, monthly fee that gives you all-inclusive coverage, affable support, and quick response time to any contingencies? Are they a local, accessible point of contact that doesn’t flinch at any IT challenge you can throw at them?

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Whether you’re a Non-Profit, Legal Enterprise, Health Care Practice, Manufacturing Company or other Business, Tektonic has your back with Fortune 500-level services. We monitor, maintain and back up your critical data information 24/7/365, so you can focus on running your business and doing what you do best.

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