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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON June 11,2018

The world is becoming more and more connected than ever before, and the dentistry realm is no exception! For the modern dental office, it’s vital to stay up-to-date in terms of technology. Why? Because advancements in technology enable dental offices to offer more advanced, streamlined services, provide treatments with greater efficiency, and accept more patients. Essentially, dentists are able to leverage technology for the purpose of maximizing their bottom line.

Just check out Scientific American’s article on how technology is changing dentistry. It’s pretty incredible stuff! But even with the rapid advancements in technology improving the way dental offices operate, there’s still a wide range of challenges dentists are facing:

  • Accumulation of patients
  • Revenue growth in an increasingly competitive environment
  • Technology requirements including monitoring, maintenance, and updates

When it comes to accumulating new patients, the level of competition is high for all dental offices – from single dentists to group practices. It’s a frustrating and difficult task more often than not, but it’s crucial to achieving revenue growth. Aside from attracting new patients, ensuring operational efficiency is crucial to growing profits and improving margins. This allows dental offices to continue providing a high level of care to the patients they serve, instead of serving more patients with rushed appointments and fewer treatment options.

Last but not least, technology requirements including monitoring, maintenance, and updates, continues to be a struggle for dental offices. Nearly 25% of practitioners say updating dental equipment is their top priority, especially with industry-specific regulations and mandates, pressuring dental offices to:

  • Exchange patient and claim information in a secure manner
  • Train employees on security awareness
  • Implement methods of investigating reported violations
  • And much more

Dental practices need to make sure they’re taking proper care of their information technology infrastructure and the data stored within it, in order to ensure compliance while automating and reducing administrative burdens, such as appointment scheduling. When it comes to integrating and managing information technology, it’s vital to ensure careful planning.

Tektonic brings the careful planning dental practices need to ensure information technology integration and management goes smoothly. Our team is the trusted choice for IT services for dental offices in Toronto, ON!

We know information technology is a major investment – from time to money to effort – you’re putting a lot into your infrastructure and hoping it’ll help you accumulate new patients, achieve revenue growth, and meet all of your evolving technology requirements. You can have peace of mind knowing our IT services for dental offices are delivered with:

  • An understanding of dental technology: Sure, we can handle the basics like adding a new computer or setting up your printer, but we go above and beyond that – understanding all sorts of dental technology and what needs to be done, such as switching to a new practice management system, to achieve greater operational efficiency.
  • An understanding of measurable objectives: Whenever you’re integrating something new, it’s important to have specific objectives that can be measured. Will XYZ help you earn more profit? Or is it an implementation that will become outdated and cost you even more money? We make sure you’re making wise investments at all times.
  • An understanding of patient care: You’re always considering your patients. We get that. When you take care of them, everything else is taken care of (and you make more money) in the long run. We work that way with our clients, too! We’ll make sure your information technology enhances patient care as much as possible.

Our team of trusted technology experts has worked with multiple dental offices in Toronto and throughout the GTA. We provide IT services for dental offices that depend on their information technology to get through the workday. You can enjoy complete peace of mind with:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance: We take a proactive approach – keeping our eyes on your network at all times to detect and resolve any sort of issues before they impact you and your staff members.
  • Comprehensive security solutions: Your infrastructure will always be safe from emerging threats of all sorts, including ransomware, malware, and other forms of viruses. We provide anti-virus software, firewalls, and more.
  • Onsite and remote help desk support: If you have any questions, concerns, or issues that arise, you can feel confident knowing you have a team of technicians there for you. We can come onsite or remote in, whenever necessary.
  • Data backup and business continuity planning: You can’t prevent disasters from occurring. Even something as simple as a power outage can have a disastrous impact without backups and a business continuity plan in place.
  • And much, much more: If there’s anything you need, such as help with practice management software or advice on the latest cloud solutions, our team is here to help. We’re experts in the dental technology world!

You can leverage the latest and greatest advancements in technology, in order to achieve enhanced productivity and efficiency, with the help of our team. Imagine… Using technology as a business enabler, instead of just another problem waiting to happen. Your dental office can perform BETTER than ever before, as long as you have the right help.

Tektonic’s IT services for dental offices in Toronto and throughout the GTA are the right choice.

We offer managed IT service plans that give you everything you need for an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee. We’ll also help you create a well-thought-out plan that addresses everything necessary to ensure you’re getting a great return on your information technology investment. You can rest assured knowing we’ll:

  • Determine any potential underlying problems first and foremost
  • Recalibrate systems and procedures that were overlooked
  • Incorporate innovation technologies to enhance what’s working
  • Stay with you every step of the way with regular meetings and communication

You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your information technology infrastructure is well taken care of, so you can take care of what’s most important to you and your team: your patients.

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