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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON March 13,2020

IT Services for Toronto Construction Companies

From disaster recovery to network security, construction companies have complex IT needs that are challenging to fulfill without external support from trusted technology partners.  

The focus on technology has shifted from being a cost center to a way to drive innovation within organizations, and that holds particularly true for construction firms. Having easy and secure access to project management, detailed work orders, and customer files allows construction companies to be more flexible in the way solutions are delivered — leading to improved project times, reduced downtime, and enhanced communication across teams. When your construction team is ready to shift growth into a higher gear, consider how partnering with an IT managed services provider may offer the fuel you need to continue expansion.

IT Services For Toronto Construction Companies

Align IT Activity with Business Goals

Simplifying your operations allows you to reduce overhead and boost profitability, all business goals whose importance will be validated by executives. When you align the necessary IT support spend and show how that investment is being used to improve operational efficiencies and other critical business metrics, the conversation around budgeting becomes much easier for technology leaders.

Your Network Forms a Stable Foundation for Your Company

Having a construction team sitting idle is extremely expensive, making it vital to be able to shift strategies quickly when needed. There are often adjustments when clients change their mind in the midst of a project, but having quick access to your files and team allows you to pivot and keep working. Without a fast-moving network and secure data storage, your teams may struggle to move quickly enough to avoid shutting down a job site. If your network is sputtering or moving slowly, access to large construction files can be inevitably delayed — or, worse yet — lost.

Protect Your Digital Assets with Backup and Disaster Recovery

Things happen on an active construction site. Whether that is a backhoe that “accidentally” bumps into the temporary power supply, wiping out electricity, or a freak storm that soaks your office electronics due to a leaky ceiling, the only guarantee is that something unexpected can happen at any moment. For many companies, the disaster is more focused on malware or ransomware that tunneled into your sensitive business systems and wreaked havoc on your data. Whatever the reason, having a reliable backup of your data and business applications will help you return to full operations within hours or days . . . instead of weeks.

Mobile Communication Keeps Your Teams Agile

Workers are always on the move, whether they are shifting between construction sites and the office or visiting client locations and vendors. Maintaining secure and reliable communication can be a challenge unless you are actively managing your mobile devices. From getting the correct ruggedized equipment to keeping track of phones that have sensitive or confidential information installed, mobile device management in real-time is a crucial aspect of your IT infrastructure. Protected remote access solutions allow your staff in the field to have immediate access to business data with a dramatically reduced risk of data breach than you would see using an unsecured connection.

Keeping your company’s growth engine fueled requires access to the right tools and technology — as well as proactive support for your IT infrastructure. When you are ready to help your organization create momentum that leads to stellar revenue, contact the experts at Tektonic Managed Services at 416-256-9928 to schedule a complimentary onsite IT support review. We have been providing secure and reliable IT services for Toronto companies for more than two decades, providing proactive maintenance and live help desk support for small to mid-size businesses.

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