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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON January 13,2014

It’s no secret that businesses often have limited space and resources. The problem is that you need your IT infrastructure in order to do business, and when you don’t have a dedicated server room, you have to house your server in a common area. This presents an annoyance since a running server sounds like an air conditioning unit on full blast.Server noise comes from several fans inside the server that keep the crucial components cool and functional. This noise can present significant distractions if your IT infrastructure is in a place where employees need to focus in order to get their work done. Here are three options to reduce the noise coming from your server units.

Get a Noise-Isolating Server Rack
Server racks are a great solution to organize your IT infrastructure. These are basically metal shelves designed to accommodate multiple server units along with all of their cables. Server racks are great for organization, but lousy when it comes to noise. Because a server rack is basically a metal box, it will actually amplify the server’s volume, much in the same way that a speaker box works.

One way to remedy your server noise problem, while taking advantage of the organizational benefits of a server rack, is to go with a noise-isolating server rack. This is a rack that’s specially designed to cut back on server noise by using foam-sealed front and back doors. In order to prevent the sealed rack from turning into an oven, it will include large AC fans mounted on the bottom. This will quietly force and filter the airflow inside the server and keep the server units cool. In many cases, a noise-isolating server rack will quiet the room enough so that you can make a phone call standing next to the rack. Of course, there are many designed and models of noise-isolating server racks with different components.

Silence the Server Room
One option that makes sense is to quarantine your central IT and soundproof the room so that you can’t hear any buzz. Lining the walls of your server room with carpet, foam, or even egg cartons will help to absorb the sound. This will work to cancel out the annoying sounds of your IT, but it’s obviously not an option for companies that are already short on space.

Take Advantage of Hosted Solutions
The cloud is becoming an essential cog for business growth. If your IT is taking up too much room or making too much noise, consider virtualizing your computing infrastructure and having a third-party host the data and applications offsite (let someone else deal with the noise issue). With the cloud, you pay for the computing you need and scale up or down depending on your situation. Having no IT infrastructure on hand is the best way to silence the whir that typically drives office workers nuts. Not to mention you will save on electricity costs by virtualizing your IT infrastructure.

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