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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON July 16,2019

Top Challenges Facing Toronto Business With Finding An IT Consulting Company

Local IT firms are part of the community and have a personal stake in helping businesses in the area succeed. By providing security, network, help desk, disaster recovery and other services, your Toronto IT consulting company lets you concentrate on running your business.

Partnership is at the core of who we are at Tektonic. Our superb team includes business and IT experts who love living and working in the greater Toronto area. We have decades of combined experience in managing IT systems for numerous businesses of varying sizes and industries. You can rely on us for help with your IT needs in Toronto, Vaughn, Markham and Mississauga.

Why Toronto Companies Need Reliable IT Consulting

A local IT consulting company advises clients on how to build out their infrastructure; it can provide architecture and network expertise for large-scale projects.
On the other hand, outsourcing smaller projects on a one-time basis provides small-to-midsize companies with dedicated resources for multi-threaded engagements. Whether your company is looking to improve it’s cloud-based technology or implement a new suite of management tools, Tektonic has the talent you need for a successful project.

What are the Benefits to Outsourcing IT in Toronto?

Here are the major benefits of outsourcing IT in Toronto.

  • Receive a complete portfolio of software, hardware, consulting and customer support services.
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership by taking advantage of our experienced talent pool.
  • Decrease risk when you leverage our core competency model and as-needed availability.
  • Achieve service excellence among internal and external clients as well as on-time project delivery.

How Can a Dedicated IT Consulting Firm Help You Scale Your Business?

Outsourcing your IT needs lets you devote more time to reaching revenue-and-margin-driven goals. A dedicate Toronto firm offers custom solutions on multiple levels, including:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Business IT Support
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Network Design
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

A full-service IT consulting company provides both in-house and outsourced options that meet your needs. Choose a firm that understands the unique needs of businesses in the area for cost-effective solutions to your most pressing IT challenges.

How Does Disaster Recovery Outsourcing Work?

Disasters can occur at any moment, so the sooner you plan and execute a disaster recovery strategy for your business, the better. An IT consulting company, such as Tektonic, provides the experience and expertise needed to adopt best practices and keep DR tasks on track; they have done it for dozens of local businesses.

A disaster recovery engagement kicks off with a review of your current applications, network and procedures to assess the best plan of action to face natural and other disasters that may strike.

How Can a Local IT Company Improve Your Network Performance?

Outsourced IT network services provide expertise to companies that don’t have a dedicated network team. As businesses grow, networks tend to increase in complexity. This often leads to network performance issues. An IT consulting company can review your system of routers, switches, cabling, servers, firewalls and operating system. A list of recommendations can help you determine your best options to improve performance an optimize security.

What Software Application Development Services Do IT Support Companies Offer?

Tektonic provides its clients with an integrated approach to software application development. Recommendations follow a review of your current systems, future needs and pain points. Outsourcing software development gives your company access to the latest technology as wells as high-quality results that optimize your competitive advantage over the competition.

Why Should You Choose Tektonic?

Tektonic has provided professional IT Support for companies in the greater Toronto area since 1998. We specialize in giving clients enterprise-level tools and services at an affordable cost. When you hire us for your IT support, hardware and software projects or disaster recovery services, you gain the experience of every member of our team without having to wade through dozens of interviews.

Our team of experts responds quickly to calls and messages. We can cover everything from servers and infrastructure to workstations and device management. Tell us your needs so that we can start providing solutions for your company today.

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