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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON February 19,2014

When your technology goes down, it’s a painful experience for your business because operations grind to a halt. When you have to deal with an expensive computer repair bill from your IT company, then it’s basically like they’re adding injury to insult, or kicking you while you’re down.

A Big IT Repair Bill Makes Everything Worse
For break-fix IT companies, this painful service model is how they make their money. Essentially, break-fix companies need your technology to crash so that they can be profitable. The difficult thing about operating a break-fix service like this is that the IT repair company has zero incentive to put in any extra effort that will ensure your technology doesn’t break again. Think about it, if your computers worked properly, then they wouldn’t make any money. Imagine a break-fix technician who overlooks a virus to ensure you bring your machine back.

The break-fix model of computer repair makes doing business difficult because you never know for sure if the IT repair company is looking out for you, or if they’re just waiting for your technology to fail again so they can come over and give your wallet a couple more swift kicks. You would hope that your break-fix IT company isn’t ripping you off, after all, they are professionals, and taking advantage of someone’s pain certainly isn’t becoming of a professional.

It’s difficult to ascertain the true motives behind a break-fix IT company, primarily because you lack a consistent relationship with them. If the only time you hear from your IT company is when something goes wrong with your computers, then it’s likely that when their phone rings, they’re more excited to hear from you than you are to talk to them. If you dread communicating with your IT company, then something is wrong with that business model.

Tektonic Kicks Your IT Problem’s Butt While Protecting Your Company’s Derrière
We are completely different with our approach to IT repair. When you outsource your IT service with Tektonic, you get a relationship with IT professionals that have your best interest in mind, as opposed to working with someone that’s trying to squeeze the maximum amount of money from you with a major repair bill. The managed IT service model allows for this kind of relationship because the growth of our company is dependent upon the growth of your company.

We will do everything we can to make sure that your company’s technology is running smoothly at all times so that breakdowns happen as little as possible. This means that, instead of being slammed with a random IT repair bill, your technology will be managed by our technicians, IT problems will be remotely taken care of while they’re small issues, and you’ll be charged a flat monthly rate that you can budget your company’s growth around. This will prevent the surprise of getting hit with a technology problem and then having to divert resources reserved to grow your company to cover an unexpected computer repair bill.

When Tektonic manages your IT network, you can rest assured that if something goes wrong, then the problem is covered and we’ll take care of it. In many cases, we will even know about the problem before you do and we’ll go ahead and fix the issue while it’s small, or before you even notice it. In situations like this, you won’t even have to call us because we got your back!

Your business depends on the performance of your technology and operations will go much smoother if your network is being managed, monitored, and maintained by an IT company that you have a good working relationship with and that you trust. Don’t let money-hungry break-fix IT repair companies kick you while you’re down; give Tektonic a call at (416) 256-9928 to experience the refreshing difference of managed IT services.

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