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Four Reasons to Invest in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity needs to be a priority for law firms in 2020. Find out why your firm should be investing in cybersecurity.  

Cybersecurity in 2020: Why Invest in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity needs to be a priority for law firms in 2020. Find out why your firm should be investing in cybersecurity.  

The term “cybersecurity” refers to the practice of keeping your systems, networks, computers and other connected devices safe from external threats. Although most Toronto law firms already know that some cybersecurity measures are essential, many law firms are lacking adequate protection. Here are four of the most important reasons your law firm should invest in cybersecurity in 2020.

1. Attacks are common.

A quick review of the latest news articles will show you just how common cybersecurity attacks can be among businesses, including law firms. Cybercriminals are continuously trying to breach your network to steal your data, hold your system for ransom or accomplish some other malicious purpose. For this reason, your law firm needs to have the protection it needs to prevent successful cyber attacks.

2. The stakes are high.

When a hacker is able to breach your defenses, the consequences can be grave. If the hacker steals sensitive data, you may find yourself dealing with compliance issues, financial losses and angry clients. Your reputation will suffer, and you may lose both current clients and prospective business. Alternatively, if the hacker uses ransomware to take your system hostage, you will be forced to pay an exorbitant fee to retrieve it. If you choose not to pay the fee, you will lose all systems and data related to the attack, which can destroy your business entirely.

A strong cybersecurity strategy is the best way to protect yourself from these serious situations.

3. The threats are changing.

Even if you already have cybersecurity measures in place, investing more time and money in this area may still be in your best interest. Cybersecurity criminals are always altering the methods they use in hopes of being able to break through your defenses. For this reason, you need to invest in ongoing cybersecurity evaluations and upgrades.

4. You need peace of mind.

Running a law firm comes with many concerns. When you invest in cybersecurity, you have one less issue to worry about on a daily basis. Although it is always possible for a cybercriminal to successfully breach your defenses, investing in cybersecurity greatly reduces this risk, providing you with peace of mind.

Without the proper cybersecurity measures in place, your law firm is always at risk. If you are interested in improving the security of your network, systems and devices, you need to make it a priority. One of the best ways to ensure that your business is well protected is to work with an IT service firm like Tektonic that focuses its efforts on law offices in Toronto. Please contact Tektonic today to learn more.

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