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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 11,2015

What if you can have one employee who’s dedicated to receiving calls and answering tech support questions from the rest of your staff? Essentially, someone having this role would be like a help desk for your business. If you don’t think you can afford filling in a seat like this, consider how much time/money a move like this would save you if employees didn’t have to waste time seeking out needed information.

Since every company is different, it’s difficult to attach an exact monetary figure to how much a position created to assist workers with tech support would save you. To give you somewhat of an idea, consider this statistic of workplace waste originating from employees having to sort through their spam email (information that they shouldn’t have to be bothered with); each year, spam costs an average of $712 per employee.

This cost of waste is sure to only inflate when you consider all of the other ways staff can waste time troubleshooting company technology:

  • Calling hardware/software vendors to resolve an issue
  • Diagnosing computer problems
  • Checking backups
  • Manually installing updates and patches and handling the general upkeep of their computer
  • Simply suffering with computer issues without having ANY action taken.

After adding up the figures, you may discover that you can’t afford not to invest in some sort of solution that assists your staff in resolving IT issues.

Obviously, having a single point of contact for all questions within your company would be an extremely valuable resource. But where would you find such a qualified person and can you keep them on payroll?

This is what Tektonic offers your business with our expertise in technology. Instead of having your staff fumble around for answers every time they run into a technology issue, just outsource us as your technology help desk. We’ll be happy to assist your staff with any technology-related question they have, and it would cost you a fraction of what it would to hire an in house-staff member to do this same job.

Tektonic can be your company’s help desk for all things technology. This includes assigning an account manager (sort of a virtual CIO) to document, manage, and support your network with all of its nuances, as well as assist you in making intelligent decisions about the future of your IT. To get the best kind of help that will benefit your business, call us today at (416) 256-9928.

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