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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON November 20,2013

Nobody likes sifting through boring, meaningless emails. After a while, they just get annoying and make you want to unsubscribe from every email list you’ve ever signed up for. If you are a Gmail user, you can now utilize a special tool that allows for automatic sorting, saving you time and making your overall email experience more enjoyable.

Here’s the dilemma; you signed up for a bunch of email newsletters that you enjoy reading every once in a while, but many of these emails are pushed to your inbox daily or weekly. You don’t want to flag these emails as spam or unsubscribe from these lists because you do occasionally enjoy their content. This makes for a cluttered inbox and the frustrating daily task of sorting through these emails, which can easily zap the first significant portion of your daily routine.

If this sounds like you, and you’d like to buy some time and convenience back, Gmail offers a solution. With your account, you can have email sent to an address within your email address that acts like an automatic filter. Now, the next time you sign up for a webinar, or white paper download, and you’re not interested in any further contact with the company, you can provide this “para-email” address to the registration form, and never worry about it again.

Setting Up Email within Email
It’s actually relatively simple to set this system up. All you have to do is add punctuations and naming conventions to your email address when you sign an undesired form. When you sign up for an event or a download, a typical form will ask for your email address. Instead of entering your plain Gmail address, add +newcategory to your address to set up the filtering. For example, your registration email would like: bill+webinars@gmail.com, or tina+whitepapers@gmail.com. Registering in this format will help clear your inbox clutter from unwanted email.

You’ll notice that your first email with this new tag will still arrive in your regular inbox. From here, you’ll have to finish these steps.

  • Open the message
  • Click More
  • Click Filter messages like these
  • When the form appears, click on the To box, and enter your categorized email address
  • Fill the rest of the form depending on your personal preferences
  • Click Create filter with this search
  • In the new form, click the checkmark box: Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
  • Check Apply the label and then Choose label to decide where you want these messages to go
  • Click Create Filter to finish

Try it out now, and test it to make sure it works. Email yourself with your new email tag and see where it ends up. You can now set up new tags, like +hobby, +spam, and +family to further the automatic sorting effort, and keep your inbox only flowing with important emails. You can go look at all of the other stuff later when you want to. With this new feature from Gmail, you can get more done and waste time sifting through irrelevant emails.

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