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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON July 1,2016

When it comes to implementing enterprise solutions, everybody in your organization must be on board, or else operations will be hindered. In the case of a technology like cloud computing, you may discover that some of your staff have reservations about using it. Here’s how you’ll want to address the top three misgivings about the cloud.

“I don’t like the cloud.”
What’s not to like about the cloud? If you ask enough people about their thoughts on cloud computing, you’re sure to come across a naysayer or two. The first thing you can try is to put their concerns to rest by convincing them of the many benefits of the cloud. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll simply have to tell them, “Tough. You’re using the cloud whether you like it or not.” By making it clear that the cloud is part of their job and everyone has to use it in order to ensure a smooth workflow, that should get them to come around.

“What’s the cloud again?”
Not every employee is technically minded enough to grasp cloud computing. Or, perhaps their job only requires that they know how to use the cloud, not know how it works. Whatever the case may be, if you push the cloud onto an unsuspecting workforce, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter folks who are unsure of what the cloud is, or you’ll come across those who quickly forget after you explain it to them. If they’re using the cloud correctly, then it shouldn’t matter much if they understand how it works or not.

Pro tip: One way to easily explain the cloud is, “It’s just your data being hosted on a different computer.”

“The cloud is dangerous.”
Then there are those who may not trust the cloud, due to something they’ve read or rumors they’ve heard. Often times, the hack attacks of cloud databases in the headlines are due to a major security oversight or sabotage. Generally speaking, cloud computing is a secure solution for the needs of any modern business. Also, cloud services come with different levels of protections based on user need. If you, as the business owner, are convinced that your cloud solution is secure, then your employees should too.

What to Do
At the end of the day, you need everyone on board with your company-wide implemented solutions. Ultimately, you don’t need everyone to be in love with a solution like cloud computing, or even to fully understand it, but you do need everyone who is using it to have a good attitude about it. Otherwise, dissension and false information will spread, more of your staff will look to alternative solutions that may not be company-approved, and the effort you put into implementing cloud computing will be in vain.

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