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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 3,2013

When it comes to successful marketing, the more information that’s considered will net you better results. To a marketing department, this valuable information will come from a variety of sources and be transferred throughout your company’s IT network. Therefore, having a strong intranet is one of the best things you can do for your marketing strategy.With an easy-to-use network that’s functioning properly, your marketing team will be able to share information, like files and instant messages, between each other and different departments within your company. Here are a few ways that your marketing department can use the intranet to enhance this kind of collaboration.

Gaining Direction from the Company Executives

Every marketing campaign needs direction and every marketing team needs leadership. Without direction, it’s easy for the company’s marketing efforts to wind up in a completely different place than what the business owner envisioned, and nobody likes being told a marketing project is off message; especially if the project is near completion.

Leaders need ways to accurately communicate the company’s vision to the marketing department because they’re the ones responsible for broadcasting it to the world. With a dependable intranet in place, the company’s higher-ups can give their input on every step of the marketing campaign, from development to implementation. Many new office productivity applications allow for departments and executives using the same network to easily share and leave comments on projects for better collaboration.

Discovering What Your Target Market is Looking For
A marketing campaign that doesn’t take into consideration the needs of their customer base will fail. Equipping your marketing team with a reliable computer network, with great communication solutions, allow them to interact with your customers and discover what they’re looking for. This will help your team to fine tune the message to speak directly to the customer’s needs.

Whatever marketing information your team can mine from your customer base will be valuable data that can help every department in your company. You will want to have a strong network in place so that all the other departments can view this information and apply it to their own processes. You, as the leader, will especially want to have access to this customer data so you can lead your business in the direction of your company’s need.

The Value of Collaboration between Departments
In your business, everybody has a voice. You are basically paying for the experiences your employees have, and their professional insight about these experiences are valuable to the development of your business. Providing your employees with an organized and reliable network equipped with easy-to-use communication solutions allow them to find and share this valuable insight with each other. Your marketing department will especially benefit from this peer insight because they will be able to come up with marketing campaigns that fully represent your company’s unique culture.

Having an informed marketing team will take the guesswork out of your marketing campaign and give you the results you’re looking for. Achieving this high level of collaboration takes a computer network that enhances, not hinders, all aspects of your business’ communication.

Tektonic can help design an intranet that will achieve your goals, and we can remotely maintain it with our managed IT services. Additionally, if you’re looking to give your marketing team the edge, then ask us about the latest business technologies and solutions to help you reach your target market. Call Tektonic at (416) 256-9928 to learn more!

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