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How Good is A Hosted VOIP System for Golf and Country Clubs?

Are VOIP systems worth a try, or is it not as great as what people expect it to be? Let’s talk about VOIP technology and how it can help golf and country clubs provide a better service to its customers.

Hosted VOIP System for Golf and Country Clubs

Are VOIP systems worth a try, or is it not as great as what people expect it to be? Let’s talk about VOIP technology and how it can help golf and country clubs provide a better service to its customers.

Did you know that human beings as a species are hard-wired to take-part and listen to conversations on a primal level? That’s why it’s always better to “talk things out” instead of a text or email. The thing is, if you want to get things done, you have to pick up the phone and call somebody.

That’s why experts agree that if you want to recruit or retain new members in a golf and country club, you have got to give them a call. This is the same for your members. If they want to reach you for a reservation or a query, they will give you a call instead of just sending you an email.

Sadly, traditional phone technology is slowly disappearing. While some still use it, almost everything goes through the Internet nowadays. If your clientele is already online, then you should be, too, right?

If your business is still stuck in the ’90s and the telephone copper line, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a VOIP phone system. Don’t worry if it sounds scary. We’ll walk you through understanding what VOIP is, why you should use it, and how you can hook your club into a brand new system in no time.

But first, let’s simplify things, so we know what we are getting.

How Good is A Hosted VOIP System for Golf and Country Clubs_

What is VOIP?

A VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol allows users to make a phone call over the internet. Your analog voice signals are transformed into a digital format to be transmitted through a VOIP network or anywhere that has an Internet connection.

While there is technically nothing wrong with traditional phones, modern society has shown its weaknesses. One is the fact that it is not cost-effective in the long run considering its limitations.

Because VOIP allows your voice to travel through the Internet, there are no real boundaries. As long as both parties have the Internet, you can reach each other. This means you can make a long-distance call without spending a fortune, or you won’t have to worry if the other person is from a different network.

A VOIP also has a PBX or what we call the Private Branch Exchange. Simply put, a PBX works as some sort of switch that allows the system to “channel” calls to proper departments. In the past, one phone = one line. If you had multiple departments, you would have to subscribe to an equal number of lines. With VOIP and a PBX, you can have one line, and you can assign different people or departments their extensions so you can distribute calls to the proper department.

What is Hosted VOIP?

One of the main concerns with a VOIP system is that you are either forced to hire an in-house team to manage and repair the system if needed because you have the tools and implements on-site. Those who don’t have a dedicated team had to rely on the installer or a 3rd-party provider to maintain the system for them.

This concern is eliminated with a Hosted VOIP system. With a Hosted VOIP system, all the hardware and PBX (the phone switch) are hosted on a different location from where the phones are being used. This means you won’t have to allocate a particular room or team to manage the PBX and other hardware. All you need in your office are the phones and the necessary hardware for any type of integration.

What Are the Benefits of Having Hosted VOIP in a Golf and Country Club?

If you think that a VOIP phone system works just like a traditional analog phone system, then you will be sorely disappointed.

With its features and integration, a VOIP phone system is more than just something you use to call your customers. Let’s list the many features if you go VOIP.

  1. Cheap setup costs – Compared to on-premise VOIP systems, hosted VOIP is much less expensive to set up because you don’t have to buy and own the tools and implements on-site. A lot of hosted VOIP systems have no set-up fees. You only pay when you use it.
  2. Low-cost calls – Often, people dismiss VOIP because they automatically assume that it costs a fortune to set-up and use. Contrary to this belief, a VOIP system can offer a lower cost-per-call compared to traditional phone lines. The secret lies in converting analog audio signals into data packets that travel Internet lines. Most, if not all, golf and country clubs have existing Internet connections that can be used by the VOIP network to connect to the outside world. Even international calls are now much cheaper thanks to VOIP technology.
  3. Easy Organization – With a PBX system and a robust VOIP system, you can easily route calls to the correct department/people without the need for the front desk people to answer the phone first. Most VOIPs also have an auto-attendant facility that will provide your callers the correct extensions to press to reach a specific department.
  4. Encrypted calls and messages – When working with high profile individuals, one of their top priorities is data privacy. After all, they are prime targets for people who use their data and information against them. By offering a VOIP system, you can provide a safe and secure haven for your customers where they won’t have to worry about other people listening in to their calls.
  5. Versatility – Nowadays, most VOIP systems can be integrated with different gadgets, tools, and software. For example, you can employ a voicemail to email feature that allows you to check voicemail anywhere you are. You can even integrate your VOIP phone lines to a booking software so customers can book their schedules. All you have to do is to confirm the schedule when you have the time. A VOIP system connected to a computer can easily create a report of how many calls you got or made, who called, and what time they were contacting – which is a goldmine for your marketing team.
  6. Mobility – Now that your calls are being routed through the Internet, you can make and receive calls anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Great if you have team members who are always on the road but need to pick up the phone still.
  7. Scalability – The beauty of a hosted VOIP system is its near-unlimited scalability. You might be taking five calls a day now, but you may be taking ten times that amount in a year. With a hosted VOIP system, you won’t have to add a new line or expensive hardware. What works for five calls a day can work for 50 calls. Plus, you only pay for what you are using, so you are sure you aren’t being overcharged.

Tektonic is a leading name in outsourced IT and Hosted VOIP solutions in Toronto and nearby locations. We specialize in providing business class telephone services and systems for businesses. We offer simple, cost-effective, flexible, and mobile telephone solutions. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can help upgrade your business!

What do you think? Does Hosted VOIP sound like something your golf and country club can use?

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