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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 17,2014

Hosted applications might slowly phase out other traditional office applications, which you may be currently using on a daily basis in your small or mid-sized business. As cloud technology has become and essential tool in businesses nowadays, you will also need to use them at some time or the other. Management of these applications is easier and the in-built security of these software is far better than the traditional ones.

The affordability of these hosted tools is also another key aspect of them being adopted by all major corporations in the global industry. These Hosted IT Solutions come in many different parts, which can be applied to your business.

1.Hosted Exchange (Email):

Cloud technology has provided spectacular emailing solutions for business men and women who have to work on the move. With the Hosted Exchange tool, you can send your emails easily and effortlessly from any location. As long as you have the cloud software installed on your android device, iOS or Nokia smartphone, you will be able to send emails across to your clients with relative ease. This makes replying to urgent business intimations a lot more simple and also facilitates coordination with your colleagues via your hosted exchange software.

2.Email Filtering:

Online threats come in many forms. One of them is through malicious files that are hidden in spam mails. As the business owner, you will be receiving tons of emails or cc’s from your clients and employees as well. Surely you won’t have time to sift through this surplus mail to remove the suspicious ones. Email Filtering in the form of Spam Protection is the only solution to combat this issue. The emails you may receive from spammers or other unknown entities will automatically be blocked. You will get immediately notified about the infected email so that you can immediately delete it from your inbox.

3.Hosted Security:

When it comes to security, why stop at just emails? Wouldn’t it be beneficial to you in the long run, if you have Hosted Security installed on your business networks? These security tools and software’s protect all your business documents and files that are stored on your business networks. Threats like malware, spamware or internet viruses will be denied access to your networks. And since we are talking about cloud IT solutions, getting a hosted security installed on your networks will be a simple and cost-effective process.

Hosted applications make sure that you are always connected to your business no matter where you are. By using this technology, you are guaranteed to keep your networks and connections safe and secure from all possible online threats. Yours will also be one of the many global corporations who are making use of cloud technology to take their business to newer heights.

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