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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON November 7,2014

Doing business today is much different than it was in medieval times. Thanks to the Renaissance, modern businesses now have a technology-based economy, instead of one that’s magic-based–this has been an especially difficult transition for wizards. Although, one medieval business practice that’s still going strong is the idea behind guilds.The principle behind why guilds were created is still with us today. Essentially, a guild is a group of like-minded individuals who come together for the purpose of providing and coordinating services that make life easier for everyone. A modern example of a medieval guild would be a group like your local chamber of commerce.

Your local chamber is a place where everybody comes together to pool their expertise and their company’s resources for the good of the community. Our medieval ancestors would be amazed at the networking abilities that today’s businesses have thanks to technology. At the same time, they would be disappointed at the severe lack of swordplay at today’s chamber meetings.

What skills do Tektonic bring to the ON guild? You can consider us to be your local technology wizards. After all, the best way to explain how technology works is, “It’s magic.” Here are few “spells” that we can can cast for your business. Allakhazam!

  • Remotum Supportefy: (Remote IT Support) When your technology becomes cursed with a freeze spell, you need the help of a wizard-level IT technician to unfreeze it. With Tektonic’s remote IT support, we can fix software-related issues using our remote technology. From the end user’s perspective, watching us fix the PC problem from afar will look like our cursor is a magic wand.
  • Backbillious Disastifors Reductivo: (Backup and Disaster Recovery) A BDR solution from Tektonic will backup all of the data on your company’s network and have it readily available for when your business needs it, like in the event of a disaster. With the flip of a switch, all of your data will magically reappear. Presto chango!
  • Ultimo Expecto Patronum: (Unified Threat Management) Our UTM solution is like a knight in shining arming, standing guard over your company’s network behind a moat filled with lava, keeping hackers and the black knight at bay. UTM is a network tool that provides your company’s network with an enterprise-level firewall, content filtering, region blocking, antivirus, and more. It’s like smashing hackers in the face with a digital mace!
  • Clodaria Compurtus: (Cloud Computing) With our cloud services, your data is magically transported to another realm for safekeeping. What’s more, it can be accessed by any artisan, no matter where in your kingdom they may be. Huzzah!
  • Ventus Duo Protego: (Voice over Internet Protocol) Like chartering an eagle to send a message to your castle that communicates your dire peril and need for reinforcements, VoIP frees your business from being dependant upon landline phone systems. With VoIP, your business communicates via your Internet connection. This lowers your monthly phone bills, putting more coins in your purse.

At Tektonic, our solutions are meant to assist your company’s everyday technology needs, making us guildmasters for your area. In fact, our coat of arms reads, “Making technology work for ye.” To join our guild and further your kingdom, call us at (416) 256-9928.

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