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Is Your Current Toronto IT Company Too Slow To Respond?

Tektonic has been our technology support company for several years. They are quick to respond and extremely efficient!

“Tektonic has been our technology support company for several years. They are quick to respond and extremely efficient!”

“Tektonic has provided timely, reliable, effective, and always courteous computer, network, and backup support to our law firm since 2006.”

Isn’t this what you want from your IT services company? – Fast, reliable service? Can you say this about your current IT service company in Salt Lake? If not, you should expect more.

What Happens When Your Toronto IT Support Is Slow To Respond?

This can happen:  You accidentally delete important files. You’re in a panic. What if you can’t get them back?

You call IT support and explain your issue. The help desk attendant says they’ll forward your ticket to a high-level technician.

Time ticks away … 3, 4, 5 hours go by and no response!  You need those files by COB today!  You’re angry.  You call again.  It’s 4:45 p.m.  No answer!  Now, what do you do?

You’re usually a very calm and patient person. But you’ve turned into an angry, ugly monster!

  • You drive home and honk at all the cars around you for no reason;
  • You yell at the kid next door who tossed his ball into your yard;
  • You don’t kiss your spouse and kids hello like you normally do; and
  • You storm up the stairs and slam the door to your bedroom.

You’re so MAD that you take it out on everyone!

Who are you? What happened to the kind, courteous person you used to be?

You’ve got the “Tech Support Blues.” And, you’re not the only one. This is pretty common in our technology-driven business world.

As a matter of fact, according to a survey by the International Customer Management Institute, ICMI:

  • 92% of customer service managers said their help desk agents could be more effective.
  • 74% said their company procedures prevented agents from providing satisfactory experiences.
  • 73% said the complexity of IT support calls are increasing because customers have become more technologically sophisticated.

This last statistic is kind of alarming. No wonder we’re more technologically sophisticated. We have to be because tech support isn’t doing what it promised!

Your mental health professional would tell you to take a deep breath and get in touch with your feelings.


You’re very rightfully upset that you did not get the promised support in your time of need. Because of this, you may lose an important document. When you can’t get the tech support you need, your business suffers and that affects your bottom line.

What Happens When Your Toronto IT Service Company Is Too Slow To Respond?

A chain reaction that can lead to profit losses.

  1. You experience downtime and lose money.

Your employees will go home. Hopefully, they’ll be able to work from there because you invested in the right cloud solutions and mobile device monitoring. But if you didn’t, you just gave them a paid vacation.

Your clients won’t be happy. You’re embarrassed, and this is costing you dearly.  Hopefully, they’ll understand. But, this can’t happen again.

And the longer it takes for tech support to help, the more productivity you lose.

  1. Your data gets breached, and you lose more money.

The problem with your IT system could be a nasty Trojan virus or malware hanging out in your computers and network.  If this is the case, a hacker may be stealing your confidential data including bank account numbers and proprietary information.

And what about your clients’ data? If they steal this, you’re in for significant legal problems. If you must comply with industry or government regulations, you could also be in for some pretty big fines.

  1. Your brand’s reputation is tarnished.

A data breach isn’t just a minor inconvenience; it’s a dark stain that will stay with your business forever.  A data breach is a public relations and financial disaster, even for businesses.

Once the word gets out, people will remember and think twice about using your services.  Money starts to dry up.  You can’t pay the rent or meet this month’s payroll.  “The wheels are falling off” your business.

  1. Your competitors steal customers and business from you.

When the community and journalists find out that your company was breached by hackers, the word will spread like wildfire. Prospects who were considering your services will back off.

The local Chamber of Commerce rumor-mill could share the news and your competitors will “circle the wagons” for “the kill,” contacting your clients with “special offers.”  This is the kiss of death.

No more business coming in, clients are gone, no money to pay for overhead, competitors lurking in the background. Your business is in trouble.

  1. You’re now a sad statistic.

Research conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance found that:

  1. Almost 50 percent of businesses have experienced a cyber-attack.
  2. More than 70 percent of attacks target businesses.
  3. As much as 60 percent of hacked small and medium-sized businesses go out of business after six months.

What do you do now?  What a nightmare!

Okay, this was only a bad dream. Now you can wake up.

But you know that this scenario could take place. So, what are you going to do about it

Contact Tektonic. 

Get the timely Tech Support you need.

We’ll prevent this nightmare from turning into reality.  Get a good night’s sleep. We’ll take care of everything.

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